Fly fishing Michigan's Au Sable River between Alcona and Foote Dam for Smallmouth Bass and trophy trout.  This section of the AuSable River offer excellent streamer and top water smallmouth fishing all summer long.


Oct. 7th - Tom Patton with one of a bunch of smallmouth bass today.  Had excellent fishing this afternoon in the top part of Foote Pond.  As the evening really cooled off so did the fishing.  This time of year baitfish patterns are top producers.   Fall color is almost peak right now!


August 7th - Excellent smallmouth fishing on the lower Au Sable today!  Had good streamer action during the day and unbelievable dry fly action just before dark.   A very heavy hex hatch got some big bass up and feed like the one pictured above.  All the warm weather of late is just perfect for these smallies!


August 7th - Here is Tom Buhr with a a giant AuSable River bass that was caught on day time streamers.  Look for this fishing to keep going strong for a while.


August 7th - Here is a big bass with a Hex dry fly in the corner of his mouth caught by Tom Buhr.  Best night I have seen on rising bass on the Au Sable River!


July 31st - Lots of Hex spinners in the air just before dark with some very nice smallmouth bass up and rising to them.  Look for this hatch on the AuSable River below Alcona Dam to keep going for the next week or two.


July 27th - Mike and Bob with a couple of real nice AuSable River smallmouth bass.  The big fish of day came during major thunder storm and photo did not come out very good in pouring rain.  A big chartreuse/white Fin Clip streamer hit the two biggest fish of the day.  Flies with lots of flash were working best during the sunny portion of the day.  Water levels are up about a foot in the waters below Alcona Dam right now from the heavy rain.  Should make for some very good fishing this weekend.



July 26th - Tom Buhr with a huge AuSable River Smallmouth Bass caught on a top water popper (above).   Below Mike Bacholder with another nice size bass.  Lots of dark hex (spinner and duns) around 9pm tonight and some very nice bass up and rising.  This is just a great hatch for dry fly fishing for Smallies!  Look for these bugs around Alcona and Loud ponds for the next week or so.



July 25th - Andy and Peg Marko with a very nice Au Sable River smallmouth bass.  Smallies very fairly active this afternoon on streamers and sink tip.  Top water action was a little on the slow side this evening.  Should have good smallmouth fishing for the next month on the Au Sable down below Alcona, Loud, Cooke and Foote dams.


July 25th - Another nice bass from today's float on the Au Sable River.


July 23rd - Jerry Parr, from Phoenix AZ,  with a nice big smallmouth bass on the Au Sable River.  This time of year the Big Waters below Mio can have some excellent smallmouth fishing.  The big smallies took a top water popper just before dark.  Dark Hex are starting to show up and should be going good in the next week.  This can be a very good hatch for both trout and smallmouth bass in these waters.


July 19th - Jeff Bocs with a beautiful AuSable River smallmouth bass.  Big bass hit a surface popper right at dark.  The water levels have dropped back to normal after big storm earlier in the week and conditions are just perfect right now.  Had good streamer fishing today and best flies were a Lite Bright Minnow, Peach Worm, and crayfish patterns.  Even had one giant size brown trout hit a steamer today but it came unhooked.  Dark Hex are starting to hatch off the lower ponds - should make for some excellent rising smallies in the next couple of weeks.


July 19th - A big lower AuSable River Smallie that hit a Lite Bright minnow.


July 12th - The backwaters of the AuSable River offers some excellent warm water fly fishing.   Above is a nice largemouth bass that hit a big chartreuse/white Deceiver.  We hit a number of nice smallmouth bass on streamer during the day and then a few on top water flies like this nice one pictured above.  The warm weather is good for this fishing and it should just keep getting better as the summer heats up.


The water below Alcona Dam is some of the most beautiful water of the entire Au Sable River system!  It looks like just the perfect trout water but it get very warm in the summer months (mid to upper 70's).  There are a few trophy browns and rainbows in this sections but not a lot.  There are very good numbers of smallmouth bass here and the fishing has been excellent of late.  During the day streamer fishing with crayfish, baitfish and sculpin patterns have been working good.  Just before dark a Hex parachute or a deer hair popper have been very productive.


June 23rd - David Frizzell with a very nice smallmouth bass from the Au Sable River.   This time of year crayfish patterns or bait fish patterns are working best.  Today the best fly was a chartreuse and white clouser.  Look for these warm water sections of the Au Sable to just keep getting better as the summer goes along.   Typically July and early August are the peak times. 


June 23rd -  A few Northern Pike are in some of these lower reaches of the AuSable River.  The lower ponds of the Au Sable River system also hold some nice pike  (Foote, Cooke, Loud, Alcona and Mio).   Big Clousers and Deceiver in chartreuse, white and red are typically very productive.


June 16th - Mike Sargent with a Smallmouth Bass on the Lower Au Sable River.  This time of year there is very good fly fishing for smallies in a number of different sections of the AuSable River.  Below Mckinnely, Alcona Dam, Loud Dam, and Cooke Dam all hold good numbers of bass.  Right now crayfish patterns fished on sink tip have been working the best.


June 14th - Here is a big smallmouth that was caught while fishing Hex hatch.  This time of year there are a good number of bass rising to Hex right at dark.


June 2nd - Tom Bushy with a big smallmouth caught while streamer fishing with a crayfish pattern.


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