Flyfishing trout photos from the Au Sable River 2004.  These are all current from this season.  2004 is turning into one of our best years for big trout!


June 25th - Tom Olenczuk with a giant Au Sable River brown trout.



   May 2rd - Au Sable River guide Pat Moore with huge rainbow - caught on #14 Hendrickson dry!


May 13th - Mike Sargent with two big browns caught streamer fishing the big waters of the AuSable River.



May 9th - Unbelievable dry fly fishing - four browns over 20's inches all on Hendrickson #14 duns. 


May 18th - Chris Martin with two monster browns caught streamer fishing the Trophy Waters of Au Sable River.


May 19th - AuSable River guide Pat Moore with a true giant brown trout caught on a 8" streamer!


May 23rd - Kris Walley with two great browns caught on streamers on a very cold rainy day.  This was the rain that really brought the water up below Mio Dam.



May 25th - Floating the Mason Tract on the South Branch of the Au Sable River after a major flood.  Pat Moore with a brown trout that would not stop eating.  When water comes up its streamer time!


June 2nd - Jeff Conrad with big brown and Bob Linsenman with a big dry fly caught rainbow from the Au Sable River.



June 6th - A beautiful AuSable River rainbow.  Caught using a Conrad Sculpin.


June 10th - Tom Buhr with nice rainbow and fighing a huge rainbow right at dark.  Brown Drake time!


June 14th - Mike Sargent with a big trout on a streamer and beautiful rainbow just after dark.  Excellent streamer fishing during the day with dry fly action right at dark.  Brown Drakes and Hex spinner falls.


June 18th - Dave Willertz with two great streamer trout on the Au Sable River.


June 23rd - Dave Wiedemer with a beautiful brown and rainbow from the big waters of the Au Sable River.  Good hex spinner fall right at dark.


June 26th - Joel Fortin and guide Pat Moore with beautiful Au Sable River brown trout.



June 29th - Tom Buhr with two big rainbows - one on a streamer and the other on a hex spinner.  Good dry fly fishing at dusk with a heavy spinner fall of #16 blue winged olives.  Hex spinners lasted about 20 minutes right at dark then cold temps ended bugs and rising fish.  


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