Michigan Flyfishing trout photos from the Au Sable River 2007. 


April 28th - A true giant Au Sable River brown trout from opening day in the Big Waters.  Big trout was 25" and 6-7lbs.  This is the time to look for these overgrown trout and big streamers is the way to catch them.  Hendrickson hatch has started in the Big Waters below Mio but I have not seen any heavy hatches or trout rising yet.  It won't long now for dry fly fishing.  Below are some of our top streamers for this time of year.


May 2nd - Ted Pitch with a true giant Au Sable River brown trout.  Ted and Tom Buhr put a long day of streamer fishing in today and three big trout were hooked.  On two of them the fly just pulled out and this one we were able to get in the net.  Overall action was slow today with just a couple of other small trout landed.  Good Hendrickson's all day long but only a few trout rising.  Dry fly fishing will not be long!


May 9th - Jeff Boks with a beautiful Brown Trout from the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  Had clouds and light rain this morning making for some good streamer fishing and then some pretty good dry fly fishing.  Warm and wet are ideal conditions for trout fishing this time of year.   Our black/chartreuse articulated woolhead sculpin was the top producing streamer today.


May 10th - Chris and Jerry with a couple of nice Au Sable River Browns just before dark.  Warm weather made for some excellent dry fly fishing right before dark.   Big spinner fall on Hendrickson's did get some nice trout up and rising.  We got a couple of other nice rainbows and broke off a couple of nice trout right at dark.  This time of year look for good dry fly fishing on cloudy evening or just before dark on warm days. 


May 11th - JoAnne Wilertz with a nice AuSable River Brown Trout caught on a dry fly.  Had pretty good numbers of Hendrickson spinners in the air just before dark but cold temps put a end to spinner fall a little early.  There were a few trout rising to these spinners and a few #16 Mahogany's were hatching. 


May 12th - Joe Stevens with a very nice Au Sable River Rainbow Trout.  The Big Waters below Mio have seen a lot more mid size trout this season which is great news for future seasons.  Today we had very bright sun all afternoon which is not the best daytime conditions but still found a number of nice size rainbows.  Had a few fish rising just before dark but cold temps keep hatch down to very spares numbers.  Dark Hendrickson's are still going but starting to see some other bugs now.  #16 Mahogany's and a few #14 Light Hendrickson's.


May 14th - Tom Bushy with a huge Au Sable River brown trout.  Thunder storms moved through this morning and after we had excellent streamer fishing!  Cloudy rainy weather is ideal for fishing big streamers looking for trophy trout.   High winds today did not help the dry fly fishing this evening.  Starting to get lots of different Mayflies.  Saw Hendricksons, Mahoganys, and Sulphur this evening.  


May 14th - Dave Wilertz and Tom Bushy with a couple of more big browns from today's float.  After rain this morning big trout were out looking for food.  Big sculpin patterns in natural colors and olive were the top producers today.  Our new double bunny wool heads in black/chart and olive/yellow have been working great this year.



May 17th - A nice dry fly caught brown trout from the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  Excellent Hendrickson spinner fall just before dark.


May 18th - Kris Walley with a huge Au Sable River Brown Trout caught on a dry fly.  Excellent dry fly fishing today for the last couple of hours before dark.  There was a very heavy hatch of Sulpurs #16 and still a few dark Hendrickson spinners.  Browns were still key in on Hendrickson's spinners and they produced a few very nice trout on today float.  The Sulpurs are a major hatch on the Au Sable and look for trout to really key in of these in the next few night.


May 19th - Excellent dry fly fishing this evening!  Found some really nice browns up and rising from 7pm till dark.  Top fly was a #14 rusty spinner.


May 23rd - A beautiful mid size Au Sable River brown trout caught dry fly fishing.  Had a good spinner fall of a larger mayfly size 10-12 (pictured below) around 8:30pm.  Trout were up and feeding on them and found a few nice rainbows and browns that were in the mid teen size range.  A parachute spent wing #12 rusty spinner tied by Jerry Regan worked perfectly.  Jerry's spinner patterns are the best I have seen and we use them for all of the big hatches.  Also had heavy sulphur hatch & spinner fall right at dark.


May 24th - Hot weather made for some excellent dry fly fishing right at dark tonight.  We managed to screw up the two best ones of the night by breaking one off and pulling out another big trout.   Same bugs as last night and trout all came on #12 parachute spent wing rusty spinner.  Cool weather is forecasted for the weekend which should get trout rising a little earlier in the evening and make for some better day time streamer fishing.

May 26th - It was very surprising to see what smacked one our streamers today on the AuSable River!  We do get the occasional warm water species down below Mio but this big Northern Pike came from the waters just below Parmalee Bridge.  Trout fishing was pretty slow today but we did find a few.  Hot and sunny during the day and then rain right during dry fly time did not help.


May 27th - David Frizzell with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout caught with a #14 rusty spinner dry fly.  Lots of action today streamer fishing but mostly smaller trout.  Had a couple of bigger fish chase streamers in but would not take flies.  Best streamers today were a conehead woolly scuplin and a small JJ Special.   Had bright sunny conditions all day which typically does make it harder to find the bigger browns.  Nice spinner fall in the late evening and a few nice trout up and rising.



May 30th - Brown Drake spinner falls have started in big numbers.  With the high heat of late look for most bug activity to start right at dark and continue late into the night.  If we get some cooler weather look for more late evening hatches and spinner falls.  Photo on right is our number one Brown Drake Spinner pattern.  This pattern was design & tied by Jerry Regan.


May 30th - Grilling dinner on the river in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River below Mio.  Had a big group this evening and trout were caught by all!


May 31st - Dry fly fishing in the late evening of the Au Sable.  This beautiful trout took a brown drake emerger.


May 31st - A huge night time Brown Trout in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River - caught by Dave Wilertz.  Excellent Brown Drake spinner fall today just after dark.  The night dry fishing has begun!



Here are two big sources of food this time of year for the trout in the AuSable River - Isonychia nymph and crayfish.  Both of these come in huge numbers this time of year and can produce some very good day time fishing.  Isonychia nymphs live in fast riffles and are a swimming nymph.  Swinging and twitching these nymphs on a floating line down through the riffles will typically produce some good action.   Crayfish patterns can be fished on a sink tip and flies should be retrieved with quick strip jerk method.   Lots of different woolly buggers will work great for a crayfish pattern.


June 1st - A huge Au Sable River Brown Trout caught on a dry fly at night!  Brown drake spinner fall just after dark tonight.  Even saw a couple of hex spinners.  It won't be long now for Hex Hatch to start in huge numbers!


June 11th - Kevin and Tony with a couple of big smallmouth caught on dry flies during the Hex hatch.  Had very heavy spinner fall today and trout did not feed well.  There were a number of smallies up and rising.  Many years it can take a few nights for big trout to key into these bugs.  Did have pretty good evening dry fly fishing with a good number of small to mid size trout up and rising.


June 12th - Tom Buhr with a nice big AuSable River brown trout.  Big trout was caught dry fly fishing with a hex spinner.  After a couple of nights of very heavy bugs tonight's spinner fall was very light.  It did get a couple of big brown up and feeding.  Had a very nice evening with a good number of trout up and rising to mostly slate wing olives size #16 and isonychia size #12.  Also had a little action streamer fishing this evening and the most productive flies were crayfish type patterns.


June 13th -  Tom and Nick with a couple of real nice AuSable River trout.  Had pretty good late evening fishing today with a number of rainbows caught on streamers and rising to slate wing olives.   Hex spinner fall came just after dark and did last for a couple of hours tonight.   Had a number of big trout up and rising to the Hex spinner.  With the warm weather forecasted look for the excellent night time dry fishing this week.



June 14th - Tom & Dave with a couple of nice Au Sable River brown trout caught during the hex hatch.  Right after dark there were a bunch of trout up and feeding heavy on the hex spinners. 



June 16th - A giant size Au Sable River brown trout caught on a hex dry fly - big trout was 24".   Spinner falls have been extremely heavy the last couple of nights and look excellent night time dry fly fishing this week.  When bugs come heavy go with a large spinner pattern with a heavy white wing.  Also with heavy bugs staying late can pay off when bugs start to thin out.


June 18th - Carl with a very nice night time brown trout caught on a dry fly.  Hot sticky with lots of Hex spinners.


June 19th - Mike Sargent with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout caught on the Hex Hatch.  Tonight was a little cooler but we still had lots of bugs till around 1am.


June 20th - Mike Sargent with a 4lb plus smallmouth bass on the Au Sable River.  With the warm day time temps the lower Au Sable offer some excellent daytime smallmouth bass fly fishing.   A great time for the pre Hex hatch fish.


June 20th - Kris Walley with real nice Au Sable River trout caught on the Hex hatch.


June 21st - Scott with a AuSable River brown trout caught on the Hex hatch.  Cold temps tonight made for some good action just before it got dark.  Spinner fall started about 9:30pm and a number of good trout were up and feeding.  Action did not last late into the night with temps getting into the upper 40's.


June 22nd - Kris Walley with true trophy - 29" Au Sable River brown trout caught on hex spinner dry fly.   Big trout like these are why we fish the hex hatch late at night.  For a cool night had a very heavy hatch of the big Mayflies.


June 22nd - This one came about 15 minutes later!  There were still a couple more going but bugs finally ran out and big trout stopped rising for the night.


June 24th - Tim Schulz with a nice brown caught right at dark on a hex spinner dry fly.  Light bugs tonight but a good number of trout were up and rising till bugs ran out around midnight.   


June 25th - Tom Olenczuk with a couple of real nice brown trout caught on Hex dry flies.  With all of the hot weather of late look for fishing to start at dark.  Hex hatch is going on its third week and there are still bugs but much lighter hatches now.  If bug run out early its getting to be a good time to fish some mouse patterns late at night.


June 26th - The Hex hatch is not over yet!  June has been full of guide trips for me and tonight was my first night off.  The only way to spend it was chasing around trout all night long.


July 11th - Tom Buhr with a really nice brown trout caught on the Manistee River.  We floated today with Manistee river guide Andy Busch and had a very nice time until cold rains set in after dark.   The plan was to catch a few trout before it got dark and then throw mouse patterns all night long for a big trophy size trout.  Fishing mouse patterns started out with lots of trout chasing & slashing at our big flies but it did not last too long before cold rain set in.  July and August is a excellent time to trout fish the flies only water of the Manistee River.  This sections stays nice and cool all summer and is great place to fish day time terrestrials and night time mouse patterns.  If your looking a nice float trip this summer we do have dates open and can set you up with Andy.


July 13th - Wayne Swartz and Marc Hoyt with a couple of nice trout on the Au Sable River.  Perfect weather of late for July trout fishing - nice and cool.  Not much in the way of bugs today but caught some nice trout and a number of smallmouth bass streamer fishing.  Top flies were JJ Special, Zuddlers, and variety of crayfish colored woolly buggers.


July 23rd - A nice rainbow on the Au Sable River right at dark.  Not a lot of bugs hatching of late in the Big Waters - mostly just very small olives.  Trout fishing has been a bit slow of late but on evening when its cool there are few fish rising.  When water temps get over 70 this water should not be fished due to poor fishing and stress on the trout.


August 1st -  Extremely hot day on the river for a float trip!  We did find a few good smallmouth streamer fishing during the afternoon and evening.  Heavy hatch and spinner fall of dark hex and a good number of bass were up and rising just before dark.  Mike Moreau pictured above was dry fly fishing with a hex pattern and catching a number of rising bass.  Then we got a little surprise - this one was not a bass but a big trout!   What made it even more shocking was we were almost to Loud Pond which is very low in the system and some consider it non trout water.  The dark hex is a great hatch this time of year and should last for a couple more weeks!



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