Michigan Flyfishing trout photos from the Au Sable River 2009. 


Dec 25th - This time of year when it starts to rain look for excellent trout fishing!  Spent a couple hours this afternoon streamer fishing the South Branch of the Au Sable and had very good action.  Lead eyed leech patterns in black and olive were top producers.  The key to winter trout fishing is to avoid the bitter cold periods.  The upper Au Sable and its branches fish very well this time of year and when that water starts to rise just a little, look for excellent fishing. 


December 8th - Erik just keeps catching these big browns on the Au Sable and the cold weather did not slow him down!  Finally some good snow in the area the last couple of days.  Trout fishing remains very good for those that like to streamer fish.  Of late black has been the hot color - lead eyed leeches, zuddlers, woolly buggers have all been producing.  Trout fishing typically remains very good all winter long on the Au Sable but best fishing is not during major cold snaps.  These big browns will feed in the cold weather - this morning it was 20 degrees.



Nov 29th - Erik with another giant trout on the Au Sable!  We had a good float today and saw a few other big browns chase our streamers.   We fished mostly big baitfish patterns and had some good action on them but Erik went back to the old stand by black zuddler and it produced this giant.


November 27th -  Erik and Jeff had a excellent trout fishing today on the South Branch of the Au Sable!  Trout were out chasing streamer and black was the top color.  With the mild fall of late should have some excellent trout fishing for a while.



November 12th - Jeff Boks has the hot boat of late!  Such a beautiful trophy brown on the Au Sable River today.


November 11th - Steve Stone with a long brown trout!  We started out early this morning on the Lake Huron shoreline and then came to the river for an afternoon float.  Bright blue skies is sure not the best of conditions this time of year but we still found a few nice trout.


November 7th - Erik Peterson with a beautiful big brown trout on the Au Sable River fishing with guide Jeff Boks.  Even with bright blue sky big trout like this can be caught on streamers.  Today fishing was not as productive as some of the rainy days of late but any day you can catch a giant like this is a great day on the river.   


October 30th - River guide Jeff Boks with a giant Au Sable River brown trout.  Jeff has been putting his time in this fall in search of more trophy resident brown trout and it is paying off!  We are really looking forward to November and if your looking for a late season trout trip Jeff does have some open dates.


October 30th - Good streamers fishing today!  Josh and John almost had a few more that were much bigger than these - yes that is fishing the big one that got away.  All day rain today was just ideal for late fall streamer fishing on the Au Sable.  Our top fly today was the Conrad Sculpin in black or tan/olive.


October 28th - Here is a huge Au Sable River brown trout caught in Jeff Boks's boat today!  Our new Category 5 Jointed Great Lakes Deceiver is getting the job done.  We needed a bigger pattern and fly tier Eli Berant again came up with the perfect design.  This time of year these giants are sure not a numbers game.  You fish hard all day with the right gear and hope to have couple good shots at a true trophy trout.


October 22nd - A big fall brown trout on the Au Sable River!  Streamer fishing continues to be excellent for those looking for trophy trout.  Our new jointed Great Lakes Deceiver produced this giant today. 


Big trout from photo above being released back to the Au Sable River!


October 8th - Excellent streamer fishing today and some good river duck hunting.  Just a great way to spend a fall day on the Au Sable.  Big and bright was working on the streamers the best.  Our Great Lakes Deceiver in chartreuse/white has the hot fly today.  Starting to find some wood ducks and mallards on the river and had some good shooting today.



October 2nd - Kris with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout.  This fish just attacked a Rattling Murdich Minnow in rainbow colors.  Today there were perfect conditions - cool, rain and rising water.  This was not the biggest fish we saw today!  More rain is forecasted for the coming week and trout fishing should be excellent.


September 28th - Jeff Boks streamer fishing on the Au Sable with a beautiful brown!  Water is up right now on the Au Sable and streamer fishing has been very good.  Not a surprise on top fly today - Rattling Murdich Minnow in rainbow.  This has been the top streamer in the Big Waters this year for trophy browns.  Cool weather and rain the last couple of days is making it feel like fall is here finally.  Should have some excellent October trout fishing coming up.  The Big Waters below Mio is closed at the end of September but lots of great water is open year round on the Au Sable. 


September 1st - Luke with a nice brown trout he caught nymph fishing.  This time of year nymph fishing can be very production just before the white flies start to hatch.  Excellent dry fishing this evening as white flies came heavy!


August 28th - Warm night and heavy Ephron hatch and spinner fall.  On warm nights best fishing is just after dark.



August 19th - Heavy spinner fall of dark hex started around 8:30pm tonight and this big guy was sucking down every bug that came by him including mine (pictured below)!  During these heavy spinner falls this larger pattern has worked very well.  Also good hatch of white flies right at dark.  Those white out hatches are coming really soon.  This time of year water is always a little on the warm side and trout that are caught need to be release as quickly as possible.



Aug 19th - White Fly hatch is going now!  Look for heavy hatches this coming week!


August 19th - Here is a graph of water temps at Mio Dam and after a few hot days water temps are right back where they should be for fishing - upper 60's.  More cool weather and some rain is forecasted so hopefully no more overheated water.



August 10th - Jim Beard and son Nick float with Jeff Boks today and lots of actions.  Streamers and nymphs were top producers.  Big trout were not in the mood today but good numbers of trout did come to the flies.



August 2nd - August is here!  Above are three bugs that will be around in the Big Waters of the Au Sable this month.  Many years we are just chasing rising smallmouth bass with these hatches but with the cool summer look for all to produce some nice trout.  Look for the Ephron (white fly) to start some where around the middle of the month.  This bug hatches in blizzard numbers in the waters below Mio and on heavy nights it will last well into darkness.  Typically best  trout are caught right at dark on spinner patterns.  The Dark Hex are just starting in the lower water right now.  Last night had a good emergence and some spinners.  Winds and rain sure did not help!  These later species of Hex are much different than our June bugs.  8pm till 10pm is peak time for hatch and spinner flights.  These are not a late night bug and you will see the spinner flights coming. 


Here are two of my go to dry flies for August in the Big Waters of the Au Sable.  CDC Dark Hex has been a great producer over the years for both trout and smallmouth.  White fly spinners are what produce the best trout and this pattern tied by Jerry Regan is my favorite.   We have both of these in stock and they have been added to our online sales at: New Dries


July 26th - Some heavy rains today make for some excellent streamer fishing.  When water is on the rise go big!  Today's best fly was Great Lakes Deceiver in grizzly yellow.


July 20th - Some great news for the Big Waters of the Au Sable - bubbler system has been  installed at Mio Dam!  Equipment like above has been installed to create a system that will push cold water from the bottom of Mio Pond thru Mio Dam (instead of the warm water from top of pond).  Models have shown water temps below Mio Dam could drop 2-4 degrees during heat waves which would be a huge improvement for this section of river.   With the cool summer we have been having, current water temps are in the lower to mid 60's which is ideal for trout fishing.  Many years temps can climb into the mid 70's in this section of Au Sable so hopefully this system will reduce some stress on the trout during heat waves and improve our fishery.  I will post more information on how this system is working as I receive it.


July 13th - Randy Smith with a giant Au Sable River rainbow caught streamer fishing today! 


July 11th - Matt Olenczuk with a nice brown trout in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  Cool weather of late has river in great shape and fishing well. 


July 2nd - Albert and Erik with some beautiful browns on the Au Sable.  These guys just keep catching giant browns!  You got to love the hex hatch and the night time dry fly fishing.  I have heard some say it is over but not yet - I'm planning on a bigger one tonight.



July 2nd - Hex hatch is not over yet!  The last few nights in the cool wet air bugs have come early and in small numbers - just enough to get a few fish feeding.  When you can see the hex on the water go to a very natural spinner or dun.  This big guy took a natural Regan Spinner.


July 1st - Water temps have finally dropped (around 68) in the Big Waters below Mio and this section is back to fishing well!  Hex hatch is pretty much over in these waters and right now look for Isonychia and Light Cahill.  Best fishing time for these hatches are late evening and just before dark.  Hex hatch has been on hold a bit with the cool nights but still a bunch of bugs to hatch when night time temps warm again.  For those looking for this, best to look to the cooler sections above Mio Pond and into the upper river.


June 27th - Tom Olenczuk with a big brown caught on a Hex dry fly.  Good hatch and spinner fall today!


June 26th - Billy O'Neil with a nice brown caught on the Au Sable with a Hex dry fly.  Good action right at dark for the first hour today.  Then came the blanket spinner fall making for tough conditions and very hard to catch trout.


June 24th - High heat the past few days has the night time fishing going great.  Hard to beat sitting on the banks of the Au Sable River on a hot night smoking cigars and chasing around trophy trout all night long!


June 22nd - Paul Morand with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout caught on hex dry fly.


June 21st - Barney Naylor with a huge Au Sable River trophy brown trout caught on a hex dry fly - 28" and close to 10lbs.  This is why this section of river is called "The Trophy Waters".  Every year it consistently produces the best trophy brown trout fishing in Michigan!


June 21st - Mark Reif with a giant brown caught on the Au Sable with a dry fly.  Good hex spinner fall tonight with lots of bugs! 


Here is what has been our top flies of late:  Hex spinners at dark and Isonychia nymphs during the evening hour.   Stone flies with a iso dropper have also been top producers.  We do have all these in stock and shipping is free on all fly orders!



June 19th - Some big bass on the lower Au Sable that just loved our rainbow Murdich Minnows.  Daytime streamer fishing for trout has slowed a bit but these fish are still very aggressive this time of year.



June 19th - Some storming weather tonight but still found good one feeding heavy hex spinners.



June 18th - Larry Hoff with a big brown caught on Hex dry.  Good Hex spinner fall right at dark tonight and big late night hatch.  Big emergence of brown drakes after dark.  Should have some excellent night time fishing for a while now!  Today we found a variety of nice fish - brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, walleye, and a smallmouth bass.



June 17th - Hex hatch is on with first good spinner fall in the river!  These bugs have been hatching for about a week now in limited numbers but going strong now.



June 15th - Dave Willertz with a Au Sable River brown trout that was caught on brown drake dry fly.  Fishing was a bit on the slow side today.  We streamer fished all afternoon and did lose one giant brown on a double bunny sculpin but not a lot of action.  At dark had some brown drake spinners but bugs were very light tonight and after dark was just not going.  That is nighttime fishing this time of year - one nights bugs and rising trout till 2am and then the next it can be very hard to find a rising trout.


June 15th - Here are the two big bugs right now - Brown Drake and Isonychia. 



June 14th - Adam and Dustin with some very nice late night browns caught during brown drake hatch.  Action can be up and down from one night to the next but big trout like these are rising this time of year.


June 12th - Albert Skiba with a huge brown trout caught on a brown drake dry fly right at dark.  Seems like the guys from Alpena are the ones catching all the big trout of late!


June 11th - Mike Lavin with a very nice rainbow that was up rising to a brown drake spinner.  Lots of action today with some good late evening dry fly fishing.



June 11th - Excellent fishing today!   With the water levels up a bit streamer fishing has been going very well with rainbow patterns producing the best.  Our new rattling rainbow Murdich Minnow continues to be our top fly.  Had some good fishing rising just before dark to brown drake spinners.  As the night time temps stay warmer looking for fishing to get later and later this time of year.


June 11th - First good emergence of Hex last night off one of backwaters of the Au Sable!  A couple of warm nights and this hatch should be going strong in the warmer sections of the Au Sable.




June 8th - Steve and Erik with a huge day on the Au Sable!  8 trout over 16" with a couple over 20".  Some days cool and wet puts hatches down but today brown drakes hatched all evening creating some excellent dry fly fishing.


June 8th - Here is what you do with big trout on the Au Sable - take there picture and then let them go!!



June 7th - Bob Brent with just a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout!  With the cool weather of late it is time to get the streamer rods out and start fishing.  Great Lakes Deceiver was top fly today.



June 6th - Excellent streamer fishing this evening!  Typically by now night time dry flies are getting the big browns but with the cool weather big streamers are still producing.  The key to getting these bigger trout is a heavy sink tip, big fly, fast retrieve, and lots of casts!  Streamer fished a new rod today - Winston 9' 6wt BII-MX and just loved it.   It handled a Rio 24' 250 grain sink with a 6" bait fish pattern perfectly.  The MX series has tons of power and is ideal for big flies and distance casting.  Top pattern today was a Murdich Minnow in Chart/White.


June 5th - Warm today and lots of bugs!  Brown Drake and March Brown were both hatching in good numbers.   Typically the spinner falls of these bugs gets the big browns going and that should be coming on next warm night.  For those looking for dry flies to match the big mayflies of June we do have plenty in stock and they can be shipped right out - June dry flies.


June 5th - Excellent streamer fishing this evening!  This beautiful brown just inhaled a rattling brown trout Murdich Minnow.


June 3rd - Sulphur spinners by the billions!  Could not find any big browns tonight but lots of nice rainbows were rising.


June 3rd - Lots of nice mid size rainbow up and rising this year in the Big Waters of the Au Sable!



June 1st - Big browns do smash streamers in the bright sun!  This big guy just smashed a rattling brown trout Murdich Minnow.  With the cool temps of late river is in great shape to streamer fish while waiting for the big bugs to come in the late evening. 


June is month for night time dry fly fishing on the AuSable River.  The past two years I have been using this line and it has improved our after dark fishing.  There is no need to super charge it with a light just a slight glow is ideal.  It makes judging distance so much easier in the dark!  We now have them in stock for $45 and free shipping.  If interested click here: Rio LumaLux glow lines.


May 31st - A beautiful Au Sable River rainbow with a #16 Roberts Yellow Drake in the corner of his mouth.  Cool temps today and not a lot of bugs but still a few trout rising.


May 29th - John with a very nice rainbow caught streamer fishing on the Au Sable.  We had a fair amount of action today and it was all on streamers.


May 28th - Matt Obermiller with a huge Au Sable River brown trout!  Matt was floating with Jeff Boks today and had some excellent streamer fishing.  Water was up a bit today and top fly was our Great Lakes Deceiver.  


May 26th - Dan Smith with a nice Au Sable River rainbow.  Had good daytime action today on dries and streamers.  Very cool evening ended dry fly fishing a little early today.  Nice to see more of these mid size rainbows this year! 


May 25th - Dustin Crittenden with his first big brown trout caught on the Au Sable River!  Big trout was caught streamer fishing on a Great Lakes Deciever. 


May 24th - Just a perfect evening floating the Au Sable River!  Heavy hatch of Sulphurs and a few March Browns.  Had a few big browns rising in the late evening till dark.  Almost tonight - biggest one got broke off!


Here is a Sulphur dun size #16 and this is the main hatch right now.  This bug is typically an evening hatcher and look for heavy spinner falls just before dark.  This bug will be going for the next couple weeks and on warm evening can come in blizzard numbers.


May 23rd - The bigger mayflies are starting to hatch in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  Above is a Great Speckled Olive size #10-12 and March Brown size #12-14 spinner.  Look for these spinners to fall from 8pm into darkness and they will get some good trout up and rising.  My favorite pattern for these bugs is the Regan Rusty Spinner Typically within the week of seeing these bugs Brown Drakes will start to hatch!  The start of hatches are still depended on weather but in the warmer sections of the Au Sable Brown Drakes will be starting soon.


May 22nd - John O'Neil catching some nice trout dry fly fishing in the Big Waters!  Had a very nice float today with lots of trout rising all afternoon and chasing our streamers.  Had one true giant brown explode on a streamer but did not get hooked well.  Good afternoon spinner fall of light and dark Hendricksons and good Sulphur hatch.


May 22nd - Some nice mid size trout caught today in the Big Waters of the Au Sable.  These low teen rainbows and browns need to be handled very gently and released.  Trout this size have a good chance to grow to be trophy trout and they our the future of the Big Waters.  Rubber nets are extremely useful and make for such a gently release.


May 19th - Finally some excellent dry fly fishing!  With the warm day lots of bugs from the late evening till dark.  This big one came on a Regan's rusty spinner #14.  Lot of Hendrickson spinners tonight.  More warm weather is being forecasted.



May 17th - Adam with a true trophy brown trout in Big Waters of the Au Sable River!  Streamer fishing has not been giving up big numbers but it has been producing a few giants.  Warmer weather is being forecasted and rain for late in the week.  This should make for some ideal conditions.   When it comes to weather you just never know - today was bright sun.



May 14th - Jeff Boks with a huge streamer caught Au Sable River brown trout!  After some some heavy rains river was up today.  Numbers of big trout coming to our streamers has been low of late but still it does produce some giants.  In my boat today clients got a few good trout - a couple in lower teens and one pushing 20".  A few nice trout today but it did require lots of hours of stripping streamers. 


Here are three of our go to patterns when the river is up and stained.  These sculpin patterns were designed after the natural version so they were more visible in high water.  All have caught some huge browns in the past on the Au Sable.  All are in stock in our online sales if interested at Trout Streamers


May 11th - A beautiful 25" trophy brown caught by George Pilson on the Au Sable River.  It was a good thing we snap photo in the net because this one was hard to hold on too!  Big brown ate an 8" rainbow Fin Clip.


May 9th - Merritt Anderson with a very nice dry fly caught brown trout in the Big Waters of the Au Sable while floating with guide Jeff Boks.  Cold and wind this evening but they still found a few nice trout up and rising.


May 9th - Larry Hoff dry fly fishing during a very heavy Hendrickson hatch this afternoon.  We found a couple nice browns today but both that were hooked did come off before the landing net.  With the warm weather of late the river smallmouth are getting pretty active - today caught them on streamers and dries.



May 8th - Here are a couple of "old guys" - both celebrating there 40th birthday today!  Had a very nice day with Jeff & Merritt and we did catch a few fish.  Had the variety of species today - brown trout, rainbow trout, northern pike and walleye all come to our flies.  Had two huge browns come to a streamer that was almost hooked!  Streamer fishing was pretty good but dry fishing just never really got going.  Had tons of Hendrickson spinners in the air just before dark but only a few fish were up and rising.


May 8th - Everyone liked our Great Lakes Deceivers today!  This has been by far our top pattern this year.



May 7th - Some have asked if it is dry fly time yet?  Here is the answer - that cloud in middle of picture is all Hendrickson spinners that are getting ready to fall into river.  Such a great photo taken by Jeff Boks on his float today.


Here are some great new colors of a couple of our top patterns and they have been working very well on the Au Sable!  Eli Berant (www.greatlakesfly.com) has done a great job tying these patterns for us.  We do have a number of these in stock and they have been added to our online sales at New Streamers 2009  If looking for flies that are not yet added just drop us an email at: sales@michiganstreamside.com



May 6 & 7th - Some nice trout have been rising in the late evening the last two nights in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  Hendrickson hatch is going in full swing right now.  On the cool days look for hatch to last all afternoon into the evening.  On warm days look for evening hatch and spinner fall just before dark.  Both of these trout were caught on Jerry Regan's Hendrickson spinner pattern - this is our most productive pattern for this bug.  We just got 5dz of them in and they have been added into our online sales Hennie Spinners.


May 4th - Dry fly fishing in the Big Waters of the Au Sable is starting but still a bit slow. Had a few rising trout today and the best one caught was a 13" rainbow.  Hendricksons have been hatching but not a lot of fish have been rising.  The last couple of evening we are starting to see spinners in the air and this should just keep getting better.  Weather is forecasting overcast and some rain the next few days which is ideal for dry fly fishing this time of year.  Should also make for good streamer fishing conditions.


April 30th - Just perfect condition of late for big browns in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River!  More rain today and of late browns are looking for a big meal.   Had a very nice day on the river today.  Spent the morning below Foote Dam helping with project to protect our young stocked steelhead from those nasty Cormorants and then spent the afternoon fishing with fellow guide Jeff Boks. 




April 27th - We have expanded on our rod lines that we are carrying.  To go along with Sage we are now a Winston and Redington dealer.  This gives us all of the finest rods on market and a full price range of fly rods.  Winston and Redington will be added on our online sales soon but right now if your looking to purchase or any questions just email me at: kelly@michiganstreamside.com

We currently have in stock the Redington switch rods, CPX 4-piece trout rods, and RedFly 2-piece 4wt thru 8wt.  Winston blanks just arrived in the following series: BIIX 4-piece trout, BII-MX 4-piece saltwater, WT trout, BIIt trout, and LT 5-piece trout and we will be building some beautiful high end custom rods like pictured above.

I will be adding some of these into our guide rods for clients to use on our guided trips.  Right now we are the only dealer in Northern Michigan that carries both Sage & Winston and these are the two top rods in the world!



April 26th - Larry Hoff with a beautiful trophy 26" brown trout on the Au Sable River.  Lots of rain the last few days and the river is up.  Just perfect conditions for early season streamer fishing.  Large bait fish patterns have been working the best of late.


April 25th - Erik Peterson with a very nice opening day trout in the Big Waters of the Au Sable. 



April 25th - Season is open now in the Big Waters of the Au Sable and this is the time to streamer fish for big browns!  Here is photo from a couple years ago of huge brown that ate a 8" rainbow pattern (Fin Clip) in early May.  The Mio water gets stocked every year with lots of small trout and these trout are what many of the big trout are looking to eat.  Also big sculpins patterns and other bait fish patterns are very effective.  These big patterns are most effectively fished on long sink tip fly line.  My favorite line for this fishing in the Rio 24' DC sink tips in 150 thru 300 grains.  Most popular is the 200 grain.


Here are four of my favorite patterns for early season trophy brown trout in the Big Waters of the Au Sable.  These have all caught some true trophies.  Articulated woolhead in chart/white, fin clip in rainbow, streamside sculpin, double bunny woolhead in olive/yellow.


April 16th -  Some beautiful browns on the Au Sable River.  Even in the bright sun trout fishing has been pretty good of late.  With the warm weather the last few days Hendricksons and dry fly fishing is not far off!  Hopefully some trout start rising in the next couple of weeks.



April 13th - Jeff Boks with a huge Au Sable River trophy brown trout!  Big day today fishing some of our big bait fish streamers.


April 12th - Erik Peterson with a huge brown trout!  April is just a great time to get out and fly fish with lots of water open to year round trout fishing on the Au Sable River.


April 4th - Flood waters today but still a few big browns were out chasing streamers.  This time of year big trout can be caught during daytime in bright sun.


April 1st - Afternoon started off a little icy having to bust a path to get boat in.  Ended up well worth it!


April 1st - Gave the steelhead fishing a break today and hit some of the open trout water on the Au Sable!  Excellent streamer fishing today.  Lost one that was much bigger than fish above.  So many great places to fish this time of year.




March 17th - Spring is here in Northern Michigan and spent a very enjoyable day floating down the Au Sable River catching some nice trout with a couple of good friends.  Water is rising in the upper Au Sable and its branches but all are in great shape right now.  Up a bit and slightly stained - still lots of snow and ice to melt and look for water to rise much higher.  This is such a good time for those that like to streamer fish!


March 17th - River guide Jeff Boks with just a beautiful brown trout.  As you can see trout do get very aggressive this time of year and are looking for some big meals.  Jeff will be doing most our early season float trips in the upper Au Sable and on the South Branch this March and April.  Regular trout season opens April 25th and then we are off to the Big Waters of the Au Sable!  There are some open dates in Jeff's calendar in your interested in a spring trout float trip - March 21, 22, 24, 25, 29, 30 and April 2, 3, 8, 13, 14, 18, 19, 26.  If any questions for Jeff you can email him at: jeff@michiganstreamside.com



March 17th - Tom Buhr and Kelly with some more great looking browns from today's float.




March 9th - Erik Peterson with some more great browns on the North Branch of the Au Sable.  Excellent streamer fishing today!  Hot pattern was a lead eyed olive leech pattern.  The key right now is hitting river during warm ups and covering lots of water.


Feb 26th - A beautiful brown trout from the upper Au Sable.  Streamer fished today and had a little action with a couple of nice trout.  Water temps are still very cold and fishing will get better with some warmer temps.




Feb 14th - Eric with a couple of real nice browns on the North Branch of the Au Sable.  Good fishing today and you can see what the hot fly was - a nice big black leech.  The last week has been ideal for trout fishing and the upper Au Sable and its branches are in great shape.  Water is still up a bit from big melt down last week but as you can see it is in great shape for wading or floating.



Feb 8th - Adam Peterson with a couple of beautiful browns from the South Branch of the Au Sable.  So much good water to fish and so few people this time of year.  Leech and sculpin patterns are top producers right now.  Warm with a little rain is forecasted the next couple of days and should be ideal for trout fishing.



Jan 4th - Ideal conditions today and trout were really on the bite on the South Branch of the Au Sable River.  Overcast day with light rain and temps in the upper 20's is just perfect what your looking for this time of year.  The river is up a bit and slightly stained.  A black leech pattern produced 6 nice trout this afternoon for 12' up to 16".



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