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  • Night Time In May – Dries & Mousing
    The past week has been a great time to kick off to chasing Big Browns in the dark here in Northeast Michigan! Spring has been moving along quickly and starting to feel like summer – at least for now. With warm weather this time of year comes hatches and spinner falls are at dark and… Read more: Night Time In May – Dries & Mousing
  • Stone Flies Are Overlooked By Many
    Here on the Au Sable when the May heat comes Stone Flies start hatching! Most of them crawl out of the river to emerge but then come back to lay eggs and are floating/crawling down river. Huge food source for our brown trout and great pattern for the night time anglers. Mostly you see larger… Read more: Stone Flies Are Overlooked By Many
  • Sulphur Hatch Is On!
    Hatches in the Big Waters of the Au Sable are moving along quickly now. Still a few Dark Hendrickson spinners most nights and fish do key into them at times. The last couple days its been heavy Sulphur hatches in the evening. Along with a few evening spinner falls. Cool temps of late have not… Read more: Sulphur Hatch Is On!
  • Coho Stocking On The Au Sable River
    For years the Au Sable River got a very small return of wild Coho Salmon from Lake Huron. After a number of studies throughout the Great Lakes on Coho diet it was determined stocking could really create a good fishery in Lake Huron. It sure has! Last fall a huge of Coho returned to Au… Read more: Coho Stocking On The Au Sable River
  • Streamer Time For Big Browns!
    Been an excellent spring so far on the Au Sable streamer fishing! Look for this to continue thru May if we keep getting these cool periods and some rain. Water levels have been lower this year which has not helped the streamer bite at times but biggest key is to hit low light periods. Surprising… Read more: Streamer Time For Big Browns!