October 13th - Here is a beautiful brown trout in all of its fall colors that was caught by Tom Buhr in late September in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  This big male was caught streamer fish with down sized leech pattern.  Still really no signs of trout spawning yet which is a good thing - hungry trout!  Post spawning time in Nov/Dec is a favorite time to fish of mine - big trout and low angling pressure.



October 13th - We are now stocking Airflo fly lines and adding them to our online sales this week.  Airflo has become my go to lines for all our fishing the past year.  Super Dri Elite for all our dry fly fishing, Streamer Max for our sink tip lines, Super Dri Nymph, running lines, Skagit and Switch lines - the lines in my boat are the lines we sell!  Will have a lot more info on these excellent products later this week.


October 13th - Beautiful Brown Trout from Arkansas's White River this past February that just crushed a Slop Mop in grizzly yellow.  After we finish up chasing big browns here in Northern Michigan thru December its off to Arkansas for 6 weeks starting mid January!  This is a post spawning time on the White River and the best time to look for big browns on streamers, nymphing and night time mousing.  For more info on our trips go to our White River page at:  Arkansas Float Trips Winter 2016.  I still have some open dates for those interested in this winter: Feb 7-10, Feb 18-20, Feb 29-March 2.  Those dates are all open in my boat.  We are setup to handle up to 6 anglers a day and do have other guides available.   We will be bringing a ton of high end streamer gear with us for all to use.



October 13th - CSF Predator tube flies are in stock now and ready to ship. Love this pattern I found from some awesome tiers in the UK!  New tube flies and some of the best rainbow, brown trout and bait fish patterns that are ideal for those chasing big browns this fall, winter and spring! The prefect size at 4" and 6" long and hold a huge profile in the water. Light weight and easy to cast with a great swimming action. Incredible quality and tied by www.chasingsilverflies.com. Will be adding more of there flies very soon and some larger ones for Arkansas this winter.  To order click here: CSF Predator Flies



Aug 21st - Just an awesome trout caught by Tom Buhr on the South Branch with a mouse pattern after dark - 24" in the measure net.  This weeks report was written by Tom as he has been on the river every night of late.  Great time of the summer to trout fish as summer is starting to fade a little and fall is not far off!




July 24th - The Big Waters of the Au Sable River below Mio have overheated now and time to stop fishing.  Every summer this section at one point heats up into 70's and any trout caught in these temps will die.  Typically by mid August these temps will drop but It all depends on the weather.  So many good place to trout fish now where the water is much cooler like the upper Au Sable, South Branch, Manistee, and a lots of creeks.  Another good option is the very lower Au Sable where there are lots of Smallmouth Bass and they love the heat!  For info on the 70 degree pledge and how heat kills trout go to:   http://www.70degreepledge.org/






Here are some great fly choice for this time of year:  Regan Iso parachure & Rusty Spinners, Dark Hex (coming soon), Olives, White Flies (coming mid august), Big foam bodied flies with legs, hoppers, and my favorite mouse pattern.



I would like to thank all my clients and friends that came up and fished the Hex Hatch with me and all of the night time dry fly fishing since late May! Could have used a little more warmth and a little less rain early in June but overall it was excellent and produced lots of big trout. I'm already getting people wanting dates for 2016 and anyone that wants to roll over dates from this year to next do let me know. Next up is lots of Smalllmouth Bass float trips in the lower Au Sable, dark hex for trout and bass, mousing for big trout and early Kings in NW Michigan. Here is my favorite photo from this years Hex Hatch taken & caught by Tom Buhr of a beautiful 25" Au Sable River brown trout.



July 14th - Finally got to fish the Hex Hatch myself tonight and had lots of action after a light spinner fall!



July 8th - Oscar and Jon with awesome trout on the Hex Hatch tonight!  Was a very enjoy float trip with good action throughout the evening dry fly fishing.  Had Iso, Cahill and Olives with trout rising to them.  At dark came an excellent Hex spinner fall and some big trout rising!




Waiting for the Hex on the Au Sable River!  Photo taken by Mark Adams.



July 5th - Mark with a beautiful Rainbow on the Hex Hatch.  Some good fishing tonight but a bit of bad luck.  Two big browns were hooked on Regan Natural Hex spinners but after good fights both came off.  Had bugs and rising fish to about 1am.



July 3rd - Tom with a beautiful trout that was caught on a Hex Spinner before dark!  On the cool night look for a bugs to start before it gets dark and at times a few big trout will feed.




Here is the two patterns that have been most productive this Hex season!  Both tied by Jerry Regan and they are my go to patterns.



June 29th - Mitch with a giant Au Sable River brown trout on the Hex at 3:30am!  Bright full moon did not help but as the moon started to fall in the early morning hours big trout started to feed good.



June 26th - Billy with giant Au Sable Brown Trout on the Hex!  Late night in the early morning hours!!




June 24th - Nate with just a awesome trout on the Au Sable caught on the Hex!



June 23rd - Got to love catching a big trout on Hex before it gets dark!  Hex dun produced this one.



June 22nd - Mike and Chuck with a awesome trout on the Au Sable River!  Hex Dun before produced.




June 21st - Mike with a couple awesome Au Sable River browns caught on the Hex Hatch!



The first couple weeks Hex have been fairly light in numbers most nights!  Here my to favorite patterns in these conditions and both tied by Jerry Regan.




June 19-20th - We got froze out the first night!  Had some a few shots at big trout in the day light as a few Hex spinners came early.  But the next night was back to catching big trout!




June 18th - Gary and son Dave with a couple of awesome Au Sable browns on the Hex Hatch.  Need more heat to make spinner falls last later in the night!



June 17th - Eric with a huge on the Au Sable!  Loved see a big Rainbow also eating Hex.




June 16th - Dave with beautiful Au Sable Brown Trout on the Hex!  Night started so well as we had pod of big browns feeding.  Then came that cold air shut down our spinner fall very early.  That is part of the Hex!



June 15th - Tom with big night in some poor conditions!  Rains and very high water has not been helping.  Everything was right on the banks feeding tonight and we sure did figure that high water out!




June 13th - Big Brown being released on the Hex hatch like they all should be!




June 10th - Tom with a couple of awesome Brown Trout!  Hex Spinners are in the river with big trout feeding!



June 9th - Tom with beautiful trout.  The Hex Hatch has started!  Still lots of brown drakes!



June 7th - Joe with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout caught on Brown Drake parachute pattern.  Lots of spinners in the air and some excellent dry fly fishing at dark but then came the rains.  Some drakes did still fall and fish were rising till the thunderstorms hit.  Still a good night of dry fly fishing!



A Brown Drake Dun and Spinner.  I have not seen any of these yet this year but there coming soon!  One of the favorite hatches on the Au Sable and it will bring up some huge trout.  The only thing better is the Hex!



June 6th - Matt with awesome Au Sable River brown trout on Brown Drake spinner pattern.



June 5th - Tom with a nice Au Sable River Smallie and brown trout.  This time of year its daytime streamers for the smallmouth and dry flies around dark for the big trout.



Here are 3 favorite and most productive Brown Drake patterns.  All tied by Jerry Regan and can purchased from our online section: Dry Flies Sales



June 4th - Drakes in the Big Waters and nice browns were rising in the warm muggy night!



June 3rd - Heavy sulphur spinner fall and some big trout rising at dark.  This one took a Regan #16 spent wing sulphur.



June 2nd - Drakes are going strong in the Big Waters and some awesome trout are rising.  This one took a Regan Brown Drake Spinner and is being released like they all should.



June 1st - Susan fishing a big trout in front of cottage we stayed at on South Branch of the Au Sable.  Also hit the beautiful North Branch below.





May 30th - Fishing the North Branch with Susan and catching some cool looking Brook Trout on brown drake patterns.



May 30th - Found a true gem for my clients and friends looking for lodging up in this area! Why stay in a dumpy motel when the cost is not much more to stay in this awesome cottage on the South Branch of the Au Sable! Place was so beautiful, well stocked, clean and great owners. Here is listing: http://www.vrbo.com/691520



May 30th - A couple of Susan awesome breakfasts during our stay on the South Branch



May 17th - Bill and Donna with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout!



May 15th - Had a great time with Mark and Chuck yesterday. Had a little streamer action and some good shots with dry flies. This one here was a group effort and just a beautiful trout that took a Regan Hendrickson spent wing spinner #14. Dark Hendrickson hatch is still going but not nearly as heavy - should still have spinner falls next week and fish are keyed in on them. Sulphur time is coming quick. Less than two weeks till Drakes the way I see it!



May 9th - Had a great time today fishing and hunting for morels with Susan!  We found a couple good trout rising and lots of Hendrickson Mayflies were hatching.  Morels just started and had a great finding lots of them but they were a bit on the small side.



May 7th - Tom with a wonderful Au Sable River Smallmouth Bass.  Warm weather has gotten them pretty active.



May 6th - Ben with a nice big Au Sable River Smallmouth Bass!



May 2nd - Starting to feel like summer out today and the Smallmouth were getting very active in lower Au Sable River.  When water temps spike in May typically look for very aggressive Smallies on our streamers.




April 22nd - Good action today streamer fishing the Big Waters of the Au Sable River!



April 21st - Had some great action streamer fishing today with some huge browns coming to our streamers.  Problem they just didn't want to completely eat them!  Smallmouth are starting to get pretty aggressive.



Some big Smallies of late have coming to our streamers in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.



Here is what we are looking for with our streamer rods!  Big Au Sable trout is getting released like they all should!



April 19th - Joe with just a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout!  Conditions were not ideal today with a very bright sun but had good streamer action and a few good chances on trophy size browns.   Jointed Great Lakes Deceivers produced all of our action in brighter colors - olive/yellow and chart/white.



April 17th - Tom and John got the variety of species today while streamer fishing - big browns, walleye and smallmouth.  Every thing is starting to wake up with the quick increase in water temps and looking for big meals.





April 9th - Jeff and Keith with some nice browns streamer fishing the Big Waters of the Au Sable.  It was just prefect conditions - cool, cloudy and wet!



April 2nd - Had great streamer action today as snow and ice were starting to go away finally!





Been fishing the new Airflo Streamer Max fly line and just love them.  I started using these this winter down in Arkansas and they cast so nice with larger streamers and line is very easy to control.  Will be on my streamer rods this year and we will be carrying these line for sale.





December 24th - Some Christmas Eve Au Sable River trout!  All that rain in December sure made for some good streamer action.




December 10th - We do lots of streamer fishing this time of year on the Au Sable and its the best method to find a big trout this time of year.  As many of you know in the cold weather it is still a very inconsisent bite and leads to some days with no action.  For those looking for something else or to break up the day - nymphing.  Currently the Big Waters below Mio are in great shape and there are lots of great places to get in and wade fish.  Nymph fishing will sure produce and there are lots of browns around right now.  These 3 flies above are some of my favorites for the Big Waters this time of year: Scuds, Prince nymphs, Hares Ear.  Size 14-18 are typically very productive.  Also fishing these as a dropper below a woolly bugger can also be very productive and over the years do pick off a big trout on a bugger.





November 24th - Some nice browns on the Au Sable River today!  Streamer fishing is what gets these big guys this time of year.



November 9th - Damon and Tim with some brown trout in the upper Manistee River.  Snow all day and some nice browns chasing our streamers!  Great time to trout and never said another angler.  Coming into post spawning time now and great time for aggresive trout.




Au Sable River streamer fly fishing

October 31st - Jake with an awesome Au Sable River brown trout!  These big trout are looking for big meals this time of year. 




October 24th - Mark with beautiful Au Sable brown trout that just crushed Great Lakes Deciever!  Its streamer time and hunt for big trout.




October - Abbe retrieving a wood duck on the Au Sable River and hunting grouse/woodcock on the banks.  My little fishing lab is turning into good hunting dog also!




October 3rd - My first day back on Au Sable after lots of salmon fishing of late.  Water levels were coming up fast today after some heavy rains of late.  We streamer fished hard and had two giants come to fly.  One hooked but pulled out.  Streamer time has started and so has the fall colors!




This spring the ASBWPA Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization effective December 31, 2014. At that point Anglers of the Au Sable (AOTA) will purchase all assets of the ASBWPA. Given the enormous demands of protecting and preserving the Big Water of the Au Sable we felt that joining AOTA was the right move. AOTA is the preeminent conservation organization in the state. Their new committee-based format allows the ASBWPA to continue to function as a unit. The Lower Au Sable Committee will now enact our mission. Many of us will work in that group going forward. We urge all our members who are not already affiliates of AOTA to join them. One can learn more about AOTA and membership at www.ausableanglers. org or P.O. Box 200, Grayling, MI 49738. Through this year everyone will receive a complementary membership including copies of The RIVERWATCH.


September 6th (The Organization Finale!) – Comins Flats in Mio. Fall Cleanup: Meet by the Comins Flats ramp at 8 a.m. (boats)/9 a.m. (walkers), coffee & donuts, Bar-B-Q afterwards and prize drawing for fly rods, reels, streamer selections, dry fly selections, warm-water fly selections and more – some donated by Gates Au Sable Lodge (www.gateslodge.com) Bring waders if you can for these activities. We would like 12 boats for the cleanup (special thank you bag for boat volunteers).

If you can help or need more information contact Tom Buhr at tombuhr@prodigy.net



August 22nd - Here is an awesome trout caught and photographed by Tom Buhr.  Got to love a 20" brown eating White Fly spinners just after dark.  Photo was taken after trout was released and spinners were still very heavy.




Here are some of my favorite White Fly patterns.  Nymphs and wets as hatch is just starting.  Spinners at dark produces the best trout!  We do a have good stock of all these patterns now.



July 17th - Still chasing my favorite night time hatch - HEX!  Some of the coldest streams in Northern Michigan still have some of these bugs going.  As this hatch winds down its time to break out the mouse patterns for the late night big browns!



Here are four of our most productive mouse patterns that we have added into our online sales at: mouse patterns.  We will be out doing lots of late night mousing over the next month and will be posting plenty of reports/info. 



July 7th - Alex with beautiful Au Sable River wild Rainbow on the Hex Hatch!  Late night and sipping spinners - love it!




Here is a video from a very a cool mid June evening on the Au Sable.  The plan was to fish a brown drake hatch and spinner fall after dark but it turned into a good evening of dry fishing on an Iso hatch!



July 5th - Mark and Craig enjoying dinner on the river while waiting for darkness and the Hex!  Some excellent fishing tonight with a heavy spinner fall and plenty of big trout up and rising.



July 2nd - Mike with a giant sized brown trout on the Au Sable River!  Caught on a hex spinner dry fly.



June 29th - Mark with wonderful brown trout on the Au Sable River!  We had a very thick spinner fall of hex tonight and bugs last most of the night.  Fish feed heavy for the first few hours and big spinner patterns were the key.




June 27th - Mike and his Dad floated with Au Sable River guide Ted Pitch and some good action on the Hex Hatch!  Heavy spinner falls of late!



June 27th - Mike and Tim with some awesome browns on the Au Sable River today.  Hex came early with some duns popping out before it got dark and the big trout loved them!



June 26th - Carl with just a beautiful Au Sable brown trout on a Hex dun right at dark.  Hex came way to heavy tonight.  Got to cast at fish all night but they were very tough to hook.



June 24th - Kris with an Au Sable River giant on the Hex Hatch!  We fished this fish for 5 nights and finally got him!



June 22nd - Alex and Todd with some big browns on the Au Sable River Hex Hatch!  Perfect spinner fall tonight!




June 20th - Mark with beautiful Au Sable River Brown Trout caught on a Hex dry fly!  Late night tough fish feeding so lightly along a brush pile at Midnight.




June 19th - Eric with a couple a awesome dry fly Au Sable trout!  For a cold night we had good bugs.  Heavy Brown Drake spinner fall came early and then Hex at dark.



June 18th - Tom with a Big Brown on the Au Sable River.  Some big meaty hex spinners tonight but bugs did not last to long.



June 16-17th - David and his dad kicking off the Hex Hatch on the Au Sable River for 2 nights!!





June 13th - Kevin with a huge day time rising trout!  Had Iso hatch all afternoon in the cool weather and some nice trout were up and feeding.  It was over at dark.




June 11th - Tom with some wonderful evening dry fly fishing on the Au Sable River!  Cool with light rain today - Drakes and Iso trickled all afternoon and the trout were sure looking up!




June 9-10th - Mike with lots of night action on heavy Brown Drake spinner falls.




June 1st - Pictured above is a #12 Sand Drake spinner and #16 Sulphur Dun.  Currently the Sulphur hatch is going strong in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  Also some of bigger mayflies have started - march browns, sand drakes, yellow cahill.  Below are some of the best dry flies for these bugs.  Hard to beat a Roberts Yellow Drake from some size 12 thru 18 for all different yellow bugs this time of year.  At dark the Regan spent wing sulphur spinner is my favorite patterns.  Also comparadun and parachute patterns all produce well for this hatch.



May 25th - With the current heat of late best fishing has been just before and after dark.  Big spinner falls after dark are what typically produce the big trout on dry flies this time of year.



June 1st - Crayfish and Iso nymphs are a huge food source for the trout in the Au Sable River.  This time of year patterns that represent these can be fish with floating lines thru the riffle and produce some very nice trout in the later afternoons before the hatches start.  Fishing a pair of these is even better - lead eyed crayfish pattern with an Iso nymph dropper.



June 1st - A Brown Drake Dun and Spinner.  I have not seen any of these yet this year but there coming soon!  One of the favorite hatches on the Au Sable and it will bring up some huge trout.  The only thing better is the Hex!




May 20th - Tom with a couple beautiful Au Sable River trout!  Had good streamer fishing throughout the afternoon today after some heavy rains with lots of action.  Hendrickson hatch was pretty light today but found one big one rising a couple times this evening and Tom made a prefect cast with a #14 Borchers Parachute on 4x tippet.




Dry fly fishing the Hendrickson Hatch and catching big trout!



May 19th - Bruce with an awesome Au Sable River dry fly brown trout!  We had action in afternoon on rising trout and then long inactive period.  Found this big guy rising about a foot off the back and Bruce make just a perfect cast and drift over him with a #14 Regan Hendrickson parachute on 4x tippet.



Here are my favorite Dark Hendrickson patterns.  When it comes to spinners the Regan spent wing parachute is by far our best pattern (top left).  But these others all have there moments!  Typically parachutes, duns, emergers throughout the afternoons and then spinners in late evening is the way most days go.  All of these are in stock and ready to ship:  Hendrickson Dries



May 18th - Kevin and his son with a huge Au Sable River dry fly brown trout.  Had some big trout going all afternoon today but they were a bit picky.  Hatches all afternoon but still no spinner falls in the evening.



May 15 & 16 - The big browns are starting to rise in the Au Sable River.  Heavy hatches of Hendricksons have started!



Dry fly fishing on the Au Sable River during Hendrickson Hatch!




May 4th - Had good streamer fishing today on the Au Sable River! It wasn't all just stripping the 7" streamers today. We did get one on a 7" Great Lakes Deceiver in cotton candy late in the afternoon. After a slow morning on the big stuff we went to tandem rigs with small streamers and had some great action. Murdich Minnow in rainbow with a trailing General Shiner produced and our Woolhead Sculpin in Black/Chart with a JJ Special or shad (pictured below) had some good action. On the tandem rigs everything came on the trailers. Did not see any Hennies yet and hopefully late in the week this hatch will get going.




April 29th - Trent and Tom with some awesome trout and steelhead on the Au Sable River! These two wanted the long day so I took them for half day in the lower river for steelhead and then we were off to the Big Waters for afternoon/evening of stripping streamers for big browns. Going to be combo of steelhead and big browns on dry flies here pretty soon I hope!  Great Lakes Deceivers - the big ones were King today!



April 17th - Even in dirty waters from the flood I found this nice brown trout to just smash a Magnum Rattlin Murdich Minnow in Chart/White.  I love the spring streamer fishing on the Au Sable River!



April 10th -  Water levels were really starting to rise now and the streamer bite was on!  Have not had lots of time to trout fish this spring but it has been very good so far!



April 3rd -  Lots of trout chasing and swirling at our flies and we put 4 in the net over 20'!  Great Lakes Deceivers in bright colors were top producers today.




DNR director approves lease auction results, protects land near Au Sable River

Michigan DNR sent this bulletin at 12/12/2013 04:14 PM EST
Press Release


December 14th - Another huge win for the Au Sable River!  Hopefully nobody ever gets to drill around it or anywhere close to this river.  A huge thank you to the Anglers Of The Au Sable, all the organizations that helped and to all people who have been voicing there opinion to the MI DNR.  Link above give all the details of the ruling that was just made.




THE BORON III LS perfectly blends the incredible "Winston Feel" with Boron III technology to produce a modern light line series. This medium-fast action series is lively and responsive, and delicately presents a fly with extraordinary accuracy. Built with advanced Boron III technology, this remarkably lightweight series has incredible tough, feel and control. These rods are the ideal selection for small stream enthusiasts, anglers using light tippets for big fish, or those who enjoy stalking big fish with small flies. The Boron III LS sets a new standard in what one should expect from a light line series. However, with eighty-plus years of company history behind the development of this series, it really should be no surprise.


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Great New Series just out from Winston and we do have them in stock now!!



November 13th - Had some temps this November but some good streamer fishing!  This time of year the large streamer are typically what produce the best trout.  An 8" Great Lake Deceiver in Cotton Candy has what this nice brown was looking for!


November 2nd - Stripping streamers today in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River!




Awesome new pattern now in stock - The Game Changer!  Fly has four joints in it and the action is unbelievable.  We had them done in Rainbow, Brown Trout and Shad - three colors that are ideal for big brown trout.  New Patterns Have Been Added To Our Online Sales.


October 16th - A great new big trout pattern perfected by Pat Cohen - the Slop Mop!  This is a 6" pattern and the head design is just awesome with a bit of weight and the prefect shape.  Causing fly to dive and move!  We got them all in stock and will be added to our online section this week.



October 7th - Tom with an awesome Au Sable River brown trout caught on 6" jointed Great Lakes Deceiver.  When it comes to big trout this is our favorite pattern on the Au Sable River.  We got them in so many different sizes and colors now.  We also enjoyed some good grouse hunting along the river today and took a few breaks from stripping streamers.


August 18th - Mark and his son fishing the White Fly hatch in the Big Waters.  Alec caught this beautiful brown dry fly fishing in the late evening on a White Fly.  Been some great trout caught of late!



August 8th - Bruce with a beautiful trout on the Au Sable River!  With cooler weather of late trout are starting to get more active of late.  Very heavy dark hex hatch and spinner fall this evening!



Love my new boat net!! Been using it the last few nights on scooping up some nice Smallmouth Bass on the Au Sable. Built by Todd Inman owner of Rogue Wood Works. http://roguewoodworks.blogspot.com/



August 6th - Good hatches and spinner falls of dark hex continue in the lower water of the Big Waters.  With the cool weather there have been some some good trout and smallies rising.





Here is what a good spinner fall looks like on the White Fly - Coming soon!!!



A beautiful Au Sable trout caught in July mouse fishing!



June 25th - Rob with beautiful brown caught in the upper Au Sable River on the Hex.  Massive hex spinner fall made for some tough fish but found this one in a river matted down with bugs!!  Best fishing was in the very early morning hours around 3am till 4:30am when more fish started to feed - we saw the sunrise this morning.



June 23rd - Chuck and Mike with some very nice browns from the lower river on the Hex Hatch!  Had good action tonight with a number of nice trout up and rising.




June 22nd - Kris with a huge night on the Hex Hatch on the Au Sable River!  Spinners were a little lighter tonight but the fish were sure on them.  When the bugs are not heavy natural patterns are the best. Tonight the Umpqua foam body spinner, Regan parachute spent wing and the Umpqua clear wing were all top procucers.



June 22nd - Kris with nice brown caught on Iso parachute just before the hex spinners came!  Iso were very heavy and a couple good fish started early on them.



June 21st - Add a new boat at Streamside to go along with my Hyde Skiff!!  Love the new Stealthcraft 18' powerdrifter with 60/40 jet on it.  Will be using this for all my steelhead fishing in the lower Au Sable, spring & fall streamer trout fishing in the Big Waters, some Hex trips,  Au Sable Smallmouth Bass, along the shoreline of Lake Huron & Lake Michigan and for the our White River float trips in the Arkansas.  With both boats now got the small water and big water covered very well!!



June 21st - Malcolm and David with some great trout on the Au Sable River fishing the Hex Hatch!! 



June 20th - Steve with a beautiful trout on the Hex Hatch on the Au Sable!



June 19th - Good hex spinner fall tonight and some very nice trout up and rising.  Still some a fair amount of brown drakes right at dark.



June 18th - Brent and James with some nice trout on the Au Sable River!  It was so cool watching Brent catch his biggest trout to date and on a dry fly.  Thick brown drakes today and a light hex spinner fall.



June 16th - Dave with nice Au Sable River brown that was feeding heavy on Hex!  Good spinner fall tonight!



June 15th - Mark with just a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout.  Hex were light tonight but found this guy feeding in some very still water.  Perfect cast and hook set got him!



June 14th - Paul with very nice Au Sable brown trout caught on dry fly stonefly while floating with guide Ted Pitch.  Big stoneflies and Iso will produce a few nice brown this time of year in the afternoons.



June 14th - Ken with beautiful brown trout that just crushed a stone fly dry.  Evening fishing has been a bit slow but still a few good chances at some nice trout.



June 13th - Tom with nice Au Sable River Smallie!  Daytime trout streamer fishing has been slow of late but the Smallmouth fishing has been very good.



June 11th - Mike with some nice trout on the Brown Drake hatch.  Big spinner fall tonight and some nice late night feeding trout.  Best drakes of late have been in the upper Au Sable and the South Branch - still some good hatches to come in the cooler sections of the Au Sable River.  Look for Iso hatch to get going strong in the Mio water this coming week.



June 8th - Joe and Jerry got it done at dark on the Brown Drake hatch in the Big Waters of the Au Sable!  On a cold night the duns started popping and we found a couple nice pods of big browns feeding heavy.



June 6th - Ryan with a nice Au Sable River brown dry fly fishing.



June 5th - For big browns like this one the key is to let it get dark and then start hunting for big trout!



June 5th - Tom with a awesome streamer caught brown in the Big Waters.  Light rain today and cloudy made for some excellent streamer action.  Conrad Sculpin and Great Lakes Deceivers were our top patterns.



June 4th - A nice Big Waters rainbow that was caught on afternoon Iso hatch.



June 1st - Tom with a beautiful brown trout last night - after dark dry fly fishing has started!  Had a good emergence of Brown Drakes last night and a few big trout were going.  Best section for these drakes so far has been the North Branch of the Au Sable.



May 18th - Dry fly fishing has been very good of late in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  When trout are not feeding heavy it is time to get out of the boat and work them.  Look for Sulphurs size 14-18 to be the major hatch the next week.



May 10th - Tom with nice trout that took a Hendrickson dry fly.  There are more than just trout in the Au Sable - today found a couple of big walleye while streamer fishing.



May 8th - Ben with a nice trout on the Au Sable that was caught on Hendrickson dry fly.  Had some good chances this evening but trout here not feeding heavy making it very tough.



May 6th - Hendrickson hatch is in full swing on the Au Sable River now!



May 6th - Sunset in Big Waters of the Au Sable River!  With all of the warm weather of late look for spinner falls to last into darkness.



May 3rd - Dan and Dan with some good streamer action today!  Recent hot weather has the Au Sable River Smallies very active and they just love our trout streamers.  Seems like this time of year everything wants to eat a 6" rainbow trout!



Spinner falls like this are coming soon to the Big Waters of the Au Sable River!  This was from a couple years back in early May.  It won't be long and for some excellent info on this major hatch on the Au Sable go to:  www.asbwpa.org/Hendricksons.html


We are now a Hatch Reel dealer and stocking these reels.  Love these reels - so durable and drags are so smooth.  Along with Abel, Sage and Nautilus -  if looking for a premium fly we got them!



We are now stocking the new Winston BIII-SX fly rods.  This is just an awesome trout streamer rod in the 6wt thru 8wt and the 5wt is just an ideal big trout dry fly rod.  We also got a number of new Abel reels in this past week and the one pictured above is the Super 6N with DeYoung Rainbow Flank finish.




April 14th - Some good streamer fishing on the Au Sable River!  Had a great time fishing the Au Sable today as it was my first time trout fishing it in quite a while.  After spend a lot of time in Arkansas & Tennessee this winter and then busy of late with steelhead trips it was so nice to get back to the my favorite trout waters.  This spring browns are looking for big meals!  Today our new Slop Mop Sculpin and our Great Lakes Deceivers were are top producers!




April 5th - Its April which is time for trout fishing on the Au Sable River and new Winston rods just came in this week to go along with our huge stock of Sage fly rods! Winston's new SX is just an awesome rod that we have been using for our streamer fishing. Also now in the stock 5wt and 6wt which are going to be just awesome dry fly rods. The 9'6" 5wt is my favorite of the bunch for dry fly fishing and is the prefect rod for the Big Waters of the Au Sable River! Hendrickson hatch in less than a month away now. Also we are stocking some of Winston Passport rods and they are in stock now. If want to cast one of the new Winston rods I can sure meet you at the river and let you check them out. Or we can ship one out to you asap with FREE shipping any place in the world!!



Jan 13th - Huge melt down this weekend and lots of new water.  Made for some excellent streamer fishing and our BIG patterns are what were producing!!  We have added some patterns to our online sales at:  BIG TROUT STREAMERS



December 4th - A nice Au Sable brown trout that just crushed one of 8" jointed Great Lakes Deceivers.  This time of year just after spawning many of these bigger trout want a big meal and a rainbow trout is one of there favorites!



December 4th - Tom with a nice Au Sable brown that just inhaled a large Conrad Sculpin after just one strip of the fly!  New water with rain and some some snow melt was just ideal for the streamer fishing.



Just an awesome new streamer rod out from Winston and we now have them in stock!  For those that want to cast one we sure can meet you on the Au Sable!  This breakthrough new series was designed to truly handle the most demanding and extreme salt and freshwater fishing situations. And while SX stands for "super" fast-action, the unprecedented power and strength of these rods does not come at the expense of smoothness and feel. Whether you are making long casts directly into the wind, throwing big bulky flies or wielding an aggressive sink-tip line in steelhead waters, these rods will come through. They are unlike any other fast action rod made. Boron III-SX rods feature a superlight matte black reel seat with R.L Winston Rod Co. engraved on the barrel. The trout rods are available with the same wood reel seats as our Boron IIIx rods. The 9'6" 5 and 6-weight models have fighting butts for versatility and battling larger fish. All come with our graphite rod tube.  We do offer free shipping on these rods anywhere in the world!  If any questions, would like to make a purchase or would like to cast one just drop me an email at kelly@michiganstreamside.com




This winter Streamside Custom Rod & Guide Service will be offering guided float trips in Arkansas on the White River. In our continued year round pursuit of big brown trout this river has turned into our favorite for trophy size trout in the winter months. Truly amazing at the number of brown trout over 24” and February is the peak streamer time for these big trout! I have setup accommodations for lodging at Wildcat Shoals Resort http://www.wildcatshoals.com/ which is on the banks of the White River about 10 miles downstream from Bull Shoals Dam in Northern Arkansas near city of Mountain Home. We are offering a package deal of 4 nights lodging and 3 full days of float trips with 3 meals a day included for $1790 per two persons ($895 each). Packages can be customized to meet your needs and we also will be offering day float trips. We are also setup for groups and multiple boat trips is not a problem. I will be bringing a full line of streamer gear & our custom flies for all to use – Sage, Winston, Rio, Abel – only the finest! More details will be on our web site very soon at: http://www.michiganstreamside.com/white_river_feb2010.htm or you can always email me at kelly@michiganstreamside.com



October 26th - Just a beautiful brown trout caught by Mark Adams on a Great Lakes Deceiver jointed in Fire Tiger.



October 27th - Just a beautiful photo taken by Mark Adams while streamer fishing in the hunt for some big trout!



Oct 19th - Fished the new Sage CIRCA fly rods the past week in some smaller water mountain streams of Tennessee & North Caroline and just loved these rods.  The 8'9" 5wt was just ideal for nymph fishing, small streamers and some mid size dries.  The smooth action was just perfect for these tight streams, little flies and fine tippets.  We are stocking the CIRCA rods now and they can be shipped anywhere in the world with free shipping.



October 18th - Trout fishing in the mountains of North Caroline on the Nantalaha River!  Had just a wonderful time catching some nice rainbows, browns and brook trout.



October 17th - Here are a couple of very nice brown caught by Tom Buhr this week in the Big Waters of The Au Sable River.  Recent rains have been ideal for the streamer bite and look for it to just keep getting better!



October 10th - Fall is here and just a great time to get out and trout on the Au Sable River!!



When it comes to big browns in the Fall hard to beat our Great Lakes Deceivers!  Good stock of them now and ready to ship at: Trout Streamers



Aug 10th - Trent with just a awesome trout fishing late night mouse patterns.  So good to see someone who has put in so much time the last couple years put such a giant brown trout in the net!!  Mouse fishing should stay good for the next couple of weeks.



June 24th - Ron with a just a beautiful brown trout caught on the Hex Hatch and a very heavy spinner fall tonight!  Had some excellent late dry fishing tonight.  Hex hatch is fading on the Au Sable but peaking on many of the true cold water trout streams in Northern Michigan.


June 24th - Here is the temperature graph of the Mio water this week on the Au Sable.  The last four days temps have not even dropped below 70 at any point day or night.  Fishing these waters in these temps kill trout.  Give the section a break for the heat of the summer!



June 20th - Nate with a true giant Au Sable River brown trout on the Hex Hatch!  The big guys were tough tonight and required a lot of casting.  First one to start feeding guys made pretty quick work of it but then it got tough.  Late night finally paid off!



June 19th - A very nice evening and dinner on the Au Sable turned into some very heavy thunderstorms tonight!  After storms went thru we still had a few bugs and couple really good chances.



June 17th - Steve with beautiful Au Sable River trout caught on the hex!  Good spinner fall last night and plenty of feeding trout but they are getting a bit on the picky side of late.




June 16th - Mark and Greg with a couple of real nice Au Sable trout caught on the Hex Hatch!  Spinner fall was very light tonight but still some good dry fly fishing.



June 16th - Billy with a nice big Au Sable trout caught on hex while floating with Erik.



June 15th - John with beautiful Au Sable trout on the hex!  Super heavy bugs tonight making them very tough to hook.



June 14th - The mother load of Hex spinners came tonight!



June 13th - Tom with true giant Au Sable River trout!!  This one came late night when bugs were starting run out.




June 12th - Mike and Chuck stuck it out on a very cold night and found some nice trout while floating with Erik.



June 11th - Mike with a couple of nice big browns on the Hex Hatch.  I would call this the peak of this hatch now and we should be a couple more real good weeks!



June 10th - Bill and Gary with a couple of real nice browns on the Au Sable caught on Hex spinners.



June 9th - Larry with a couple of real nice browns on the Au Sable.  Got the first one on the float down on a Iso dry in the late evening!



June 9th - Larry with just a beautiful Au Sable brown trout caught on the Hex!


June 7th - Rick with a beautiful Au Sable brown trout that was caught on Hex spinner.  Had to switch patterns once on this one and the Regan white calf tail spinner got him.



June 6th - Tom with a very nice Au Sable trout caught on a Streamside Hex spinner.  Good spinner fall tonight!  Tom is president of the Au Sable River Big Water Preservation Association.  He has lots of info to share about the river on their web site at: http://www.asbwpa.org/



June 5th - A nice Au Sable brown trout that was eating brown drakes spinner before it got dark.



June 4th - Shawn with some big browns on the Au Sable!  Night time dry fly fishing is in full swing now.  Iso duns right at dark and then brown drake spinners & duns late into the night.



June 3rd - Rain has stopped and sure did not take long for the big may flies to come back!  Lots of brown drake and Iso today and some great trout were up and rising.  River is still running a bit high but the trout sure seemed to like it!



June 2nd - Jeff with a true Mio giant!!  Day time streamer fishing has been very good of late in the high water.



June 1st - Tom with a giant Au Sable River brown trout!  Back to streamer fishing today and our Great Lakes Deceiver was the top producer.  This big trout just crushed a GLD fire tiger.  Also had some good action on our Rattlin Murdich Minnow in rainbow.  The Big Waters is up about 10" this morning and should be ideal for those that like to streamer fish.



May 27th - A beautiful Au Sable brown trout being released.  The night time dry fly fishing is going and this one was caught a Regan Brown Drake Spinner #10.  Extremely heavy Drakes the last few nights!



May 26th - Had an excellent night of dry fly fishing.  Thick brown drakes and bunch of fish were up and feeding to a very late night!




May 22nd - Incredible Sulphur spinner fall tonight!


May 18th - Dan with such a cool looking Au Sable River brown - just so many spots!  Late evening sulphur hatch and this one ate a Roberts Yellow Drake #14.  Came very close today streamer fishing on a couple of good size browns!


May 15th - Mitch with just a great night time brown trout caught on a dry fly while floating with Erik.  Light Hendrickson spinner produced this one and the trout are starting to rise after dark!



May 14th - The big trout seem to just love the Light Hendrickson spinner right at dark!



May 12th - Just a beautiful Brook Trout.  Typically these are very small in the Big Waters of the Au Sable but this one sure grew well.  It was catch dry fly fishing with a small sulphur dun.   Got this one on video below!




May 10th - Tom with nice Au Sable trout that took a #18 roberts yellow drake after lots of casts!  On the bright days right at dark is the time for the better fish to come out and start rising.


May 7th - Good hatch of light hendricksons and this big guy was out feeding very heavy in the late afternoon! 



May 3rd - Ryan with a couple nice big browns on the Au Sable!  Lots of rain today and river was rising fast.  No dry fly action for us but that should come back quick.  With high water ideal time to get out and streamer fish for the big guys!



May 1st - Dry fly fishing was just flat out excellent this evening.  Heavy Hendrickson spinner fall and some big trout up and rising.  Put 3 in net over 20"!  With warm nights coming should have some big fish rising into darkness on spinner falls.  The last two weeks the late afternoon/evening has been very good and below is a video of dry fishing on the Au Sable and it shows hooking landing trout in top left photo.




April 29th - Excellent daytime dry fly fishing continues!  Bill with some nice trout on today's float.



April 25th - A nice brown trout caught streamer fishing in the Big Waters of the Au Sable!  Rattling Murdich Minnow in rainbow.  So many of the bigger brown trout just love rainbows this time of year.



April 24th - Just a beautiful Au Sable brown trout caught on a #14 Regan Hendrickson parachute dry fly.  All week there has been some very nice trout rising in the late afternoons with heavy Hendrickson hatches.  Many have been tough to hook and trout are a bit spooky with the bright sun and clear water this spring.  In these conditions I would not recommend moving boat in on these rising trout and fishing them from boat.  What has worked best is to really limit your casting at these better trout.  Just a couple casts when they are rising and then stop.  Continually casting seems to make them move or stop all together.  A warm evening is coming soon and so should a heavy spinner fall in lower light - all works so much better when not in bright sun!



April 21st - Tom and Kris with some nice Smallmouth Bass action today.  Bright sun is sure not the best for streamer fishing for big trout but these Au Sable Smallies like it and were just crushing our big rainbow streamers!  Had some good chances on a couple big trout with dry flies and very heavy Hendrickson hatch all afternoon.



April 20th - Stocking of the Mio Minnows (rainbow trout) at the Mio boat ramp.  Size of these is such a joke and about the only value river gets is this is a feeding program for the big browns.  DNR biologist stated last year they were looking into where all of the nice rainbows went.  Hope they did not spend to much on that study!  They used to stock nice 8" thick rainbows and they did very well all summer.  Now you put little rainbow minnows in and wonder what happened?



April 20th - Abbe floated with us today and we had to stop a couple times for swim breaks!  She is turning into such a good boat dog.



April 19th - A very special place to me on the Au Sable River and enjoyed a some good dry fly fishing here this evening.  When trout start to rise every spring it is such a cool time of the year.  Just love the solitude and so many remote places to fish where you will see no people. 




Here are my favorite Dark Hendrickson patterns.  When it comes to spinners the Regan spent wing parachute is by far our best pattern (top left).  But these others all have there moments!  Typically parachutes, duns, emergers throughout the afternoons and then spinners in late evening is the way most days go.  All of these are in stock and ready to ship:  Hendrickson Dries



April 8th -  Mike with a beautiful brown while floating with river guide Erik Peterson on the Au Sable River on Easter Day!  Good streamer fishing today even in the bright sun.   Today it was big streamers that produced well with around 6 good trout coming to the flies.  Our Great Lakes Deceivers and  jointed deceivers have the top streamers of late.   Mike Schmidt is excellent fly tier and does tie a number of our bigger streamer patterns for us.  You also see more of flies at his web site at: http://www.anglerschoiceflies.com/



April 8th - Hard to beat our jointed deceiver this time of year!  Along with these 4-8" long rainbow patterns will also produce giant spring time browns on the Au Sable River.



April 7th - We made a slight change to one of our most popular streamers.  Just a little smaller and have added a rattle to this extremely productive Murdich Minnow.  Action of fly is even better now.  Even dropped the price a little!  Now in stock and can be purchased online at Rattling Murdich Minnows



March 31st - Brittany & Donn on Au Sable and caught some very nice brown trout!  Stripping big streamers is the method that is producing some nice trout right now.



March 29th - Shawn fished on the North Branch of the Au Sable and found some nice trout!  Great place to streamer fish this time of year.



March 29th - Huge day on the Au Sable streamer fishing!  Big streamers were producing and all came on our Great Lakes Deceivers in rainbow, chart/white, and olive/yellow.  The day ended with 5 brown in net over 20"!





March 12th - Excellent streamer fishing today and spring looks like it is here!  Our big Great Lakes Deceivers worked well today.  In the dirty water black/chartreuse and big yellow were our top colors.  The Au Sable is on the rise big time right now.  Yesterday the rains did come heavy at times and there is still snow to melt.  Next couple days it could be a very high and dirty but should get the big trout going.  Our spring float trips are in full swing now for trout and steelhead on the Au Sable. 




March 2nd - The Big Waters of the Au Sable is in great shape right now.  After some very heavy snows this past weekend it is all melting fast now.  Water levels are on the rise and now is time to break out the streamer rods and start looking for those spring giant browns!




Feb 25th - Jake with a nice trout in the upper Au Sable!  Warm ups and melt downs are just a great time to out and hit the river!  This time of year streamers are what produce most of the good size trout.



Jan 10th - Great day to float the Au Sable and not often will you find such a nice day in mid January like this in Northern Michigan!  Water levels are getting a bit low from the lack of snow and river is getting clear but overall conditions were pretty good for this time of year.  A lot of bright sun did not help the bite today but sure did feel nice.  Found a few very aggressive trout and our smaller black buggers/leeches had the best action.  A very aggressive strip pause retrieve with lots of rod tip action on the fly did the most action.



Jan 6th - Did some wade fishing in the Big Waters below Mio today and it sure is nice to have these waters open year round now!  Fishing pressure is very low right now and there are many miles of water to fish for those looking for solitude in the winter months.  Been using my steelhead switch rods a bit and they sure work well for swinging mid size streamers in this larger trout water.  Sage 11' 7wt Z-Axis is an ideal rod for this and with the proper line one can cover both sides of the river.  We use a number of different Rio Spey and Skagit lines in the lower river steelhead fishing and my new favorite on the Au Sable is the Scani Short VersiTip.  Extremely easy line to cast and control swing.  Does very well with all size of streamers and just a great trout line this time of year.  Looking forward to more of this the next couple months and also going give nymph fishing a try down here this winter.



Here is a link to a very nice article on the Big Waters of the Au Sable below Mio.  Talks about new strain of browns that have been stocked below Mio and about how well they are doing!




November 3rd - Just a beautiful post spawning brown trout from the Big Waters!  When these big trout finish spawning they are hungry for a big meal.  Our big woolheads have been very effective of late.


November 3rd - Tom with a nice trout on Big Waters of the Au Sable today!  Had a real nice float today but if that true giant would have stayed hooked it would have been much better.  Nice to see a fair number of these mid to upper teen browns this fall on the Au Sable.  These are our 20" plus big browns of the future.  Tom is president of the Au Sable Big Waters Preservation Association and for lots of great info on the river and its current issues go to their web site at www.asbwpa.org


November 1st - Another post spawning big brown that just crushed a Fire Tiger Great Lakes Deceiver. 


October 28th - Tom with nice trout that just crushed a Great Lakes Deceiver.  Had 3 good ones come to our streamers on today's float but all turned off at the end - so close!