October 24th - Ed with a nice brown on the Au Sable River.  Had to work hard for them today as trout were just not in the feeding mode.  Black/Chartreuse Conrad sculpin did produce some action!!



October 22nd - It was a wet one today and some excellent streamer fishing on the Au Sable.  Saw about a 10 great come to fly and put 5 in net.



October 22nd - Eric with a nice rainbow on the Au Sable that just crushed big jointed Great Lakes Deciever.



October 16th - Bright sun was not the best for trout fishing today but had some good hunting on the river - ducks and geese!



October 14th - Dave with just a beautiful brown trout from the Big Waters of the Au Sable!  This big guy just crushed one of our large sculpin patterns.  With the fall like weather these larger trout have been getting more active of late.



October 13th - Cast & Blast time is here!  Here is Abbe hunting for grouse and woodcock on the banks of the Au Sable.   The high winds the last few days have been taking down lots of leaves and coming into prime time for our upland bird hunting.  Woodcock are starting to show up in bigger numbers and plenty of grouse around this year!  Next October we will be offering Cast & Blast float trips on the Au Sable.



October 12th - When skies get bright or temps warm way up it is time to hit the river very early in the morning for good streamer fishing this time of year. 



October 5th - Just a beautiful trout being released back to the Au Sable River.  Great photo taken by Adam Peterson.



October 5th & 6th - Some excellent bird hunting on the Au Sable River also - ducks, grouse and woodcock!  Abbe is growing up so fast and these were her first two days out hunting.  Did very well for a young dog.  Found a couple woodcock on our first day and retrieved her first duck on the second!  Best bird hunting should be coming soon as leaves are starting to fall.  Grouse numbers seem to up this year and look for flights of woodcock coming thru this area with the next cold snap.  Looking forward to more hunting and fishing this fall with Abbe!



Oct 1st - Tom floated with Erik today in the Big Waters of the Au Sable and some nice trout were out chasing the big flies!  This one just inhaled a Great Lakes Deceiver!  Recent rains have put the Big Waters of the Au Sable in ideal conditions to streamer fish.



Oct 1st - When it comes to producing big browns in Michigan this fly is at the top of the list.  Excellent photo taken by Erik Peterson.




September 27th - Excellent streamer fishing today on the Au Sable River.  Recent rains have put river into great shape.  Today was a quick trip home and my first time on the Au Sable in 6 weeks!  Lots of action on our joint Great Lakes Deceivers.  Got a few more days of salmon trips and then next week it is full time trout fishing on the Au Sable, shoreline of Lake Huron and steelhead in the lower river in a few weeks (maybe earlier with current weather).



August 15th - White Flies finally came heavy last night!  Should have spinner falls like this for at least the next week and some excellent dry fly fishing.




Sage redefines casting accuracy with the ONE rod series!

Sage has replaced the Z-Axis with the ONE series and some of these new rods are now in stock.  These rods are here for those that want to cast them - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 wts.  The link above gives lots of info on this new series and rods can be purchased online with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world! 



August 13th - Here is a White Fly Spinner and should be coming very soon!  Been doing a lot of looking around right at dark the past week as the river temps have been dropping slowly below Mio.  Finally back into the 60's this morning from Mio down to pond and now is the time to start fishing again.  Still not seen any good hatches of these bugs which means coming soon.  Below are favorite patterns for this hatch and we are well stocked.




August 13th - Good hatches and spinner falls of dark hex continue in the lower water.  So far this hatch has been all rising smallmouth bass in the warm water.  Now that rivers temps are dropping there is a good chance of find a big trout rising to these right at dark!!




August 3rd - Erik with just a beautiful big trout caught swinging a mouse pattern.  Landing this one was a bit interested as we did forget the landing net!  Must have been the recent rain and fish were very active last night!  We landed 3 good trout and a bunch of others came to our mice.





Sage redefines casting accuracy with the ONE rod series!

Sage has replaced the Z-Axis with the ONE series and these rods will be out in August.  We will be stocking this entire series and expecting 9' 4wt, 5wt, 6wt, 7wt, 8wt, 9wt in the next week or so.  Those rods will be here for those that want to cast them.  The link above gives lots of info on the new series and I will continue to post more info on these rods.  We are taking orders for these rods now and should be able to get them to you in August. 


Some new mouse patterns that we now have in stock.  The next six weeks is just a great time for night time fishing for those looking for big trout.  Moon is fading fast now creating very dark nights - should be an ideal week for more late night mouse fishing!



July 22nd - Waiting for darkness!  Had some pretty good late night action swinging mouse patterns with a number of mid to upper teen size browns.  Been getting some shot at some much larger fish also!




Here is great setup for fishing large mouse patterns - 8wt with Skagit Short 350 grain head.  This short heavy head makes casting so simple in the dark with very limited false casts.  Roll cast is even very easy.



July 15th - Judy with a big brown on the Au Sable River.  Judy's husband Barney has caught some big browns the last number of year but not this year!  Such a cool looking trout with the happy angler!  Hex hatch is pretty much over in most places but big browns will continue to feed at night.  Coming into prime time for swinging mouse patterns and surface streamers.



July 9th - Still heavy Hex Hatch and one of heaviest spinner falls of the year.  Smaller colder streams is the key now!



July 7th - Mark with a very nice trout on the Hex!  Typically for so many nights on the hex hatch - all seemed so perfect and first big trout was hooked with about a dozen casts.  With a lot confidence off to the next fish that was feeding heavy.  Results were not the same!  Got to love this hatch and chasing these late night fish with dry flies till the early morning hours.



July 4th - Got to watch some fireworks from a favorite spot while casting to some nice trout!




July 3rd -  Chris with nice trout tonight!  Heavy spinner falls on the Au Sable and some late night action.



July 2nd - You never know what is going to happen on the Hex Hatch.  Being Saturday night of holiday weekend figured to have some very high pressure and did not see an angler till 2am.  This part of hatch it is all about sitting on the big browns you have been trying to catch over the last few weeks.  Tonight it all worked so well!  Had a huge spinner fall and good hatch.



July 1st - Marc with a nice Au Sable trout caught on his first time out on the Hex Hatch.  Lots of fishing rising today but they were tough to get in some very heavy bugs.


July 1st - Larry with a huge night on the Au Sable putting 3 giant browns in the net while floating with Erik.  Lots of fish going to tonight with heavy bugs and some very late night fishing with trout rising till 4am.



June 30th - Mark with just a beautiful Au Sable River trout caught on the Hex Hatch.  This hatch is still going very strong on Au Sable with tonight's spinner flight still way to heavy.  When bugs are very heavy it does make the catching much tougher!


June 28th - Another huge spinner fall of Hex and some excellent late night dry fly fishing!


June 26th - New is from Hyde today!  Just love this boat - Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff.  Much lower sides for easy in/out, ideal interior layout and just the perfect trout boat for Northern Michigan.


June 26th - Tom and John with a couple of nice Au Sable trout on the Hex but you had to work for them tonight.  Many nights you hope for lots of bugs but you don't want as many as tonight!  Extremely heavy hex spinner fall that last pretty much all night.  Some big trout were rising but tough to catch.


June 25th - With the cooler temps this June still some good late evening rising trout!  Regan's Iso parachute size #12 is just a great producer this time of year.


June 25th - Tom putting some nice trout in the net tonight on the Hex Hatch.


June 24th - Larry with a real nice Au Sable trout caught on Hex dry fly while floating guide Erik Peterson.  For late June it was bitter cold night which can be very tough on the hatch.  Spinner fall was extremely light but then came a very heavy hatch and few big trout up and rising. 



June 23rd - Cold and rain tonight but with the peak of hex still some great trout up and rising.



June 20th - Some excellent night fishing on the hex hatch with a great group of guys.  We did a two boat float tonight and we found some great trout rising to a very heavy hex spinner fall.  James, Rob, Carl and Brent - all put there big hex dries into some big trout.  Brent came so close at about 1am but hook pulled out of his big guy. 



June 19th - Had a nice float trip tonight with Gary and son Dave.  Found some very nice Au Sable trout feeding heavy!  Dave had some bad luck pulling out of two very large trout but came back strong with this giant one above around midnight.  Heavy Hex spinner fall.



June 18th - Tom with a very nice Au Sable River trout!  The cold temps came early tonight.  Still good spinner fall of Brown Drake and then Hex came right at dark but did not last long in the cold air.



June 17th - Mark and Greg had just a great night on the Au Sable River putting 4 giant browns in the net.  After breaking one off on 15lb tippet Mark came back strong at about 1am with this big brown above.




June 16th - Joe with some huge browns night time dry fly fishing on the Au Sable River.  After extremely heavy hatches the last 4-5 nights the hex spinners came very strong today.



June 14th - Mike with a big trout on the Au Sable River!  No knocking a trout this size but it was a little frustrating of a night when the dry fly pulled out of true giant size brown.  Good spinner fall of Hex tonight.



June 13th - Good Hex spinner fall today and the big bugs are here!



June 13th - The new bug this year!  This spinner has not been one that I have not seen a lot of in the past but some great spinner falls this year.  I think most call it a Gray Drake or some type of Iso.



June 12th - Tom with a very nice Au Sable River rainbow.



June 7th - Trey with a nice Au Sable River trout caught dry fly on brown drake dry fly just before dark.  The last couple days there has been some major high heat making for some poor day time fishing but some excellent night time dry fly fishing.  Lots of dun popping off river starting about 9pm and spinner falls starts just after dark.  The drakes and rising trout have been going to 1-2am in the morning many nights!



June 5th - Mike with a nice brown trout.  Had some nice action today and came very close to a couple of giants!


June 5th - Got to love the big mayflies of June and brown drakes going strong tonight!




May 28th - Just a great night on the river with some excellent dry fly fishing!  Huge hatch of Sulphurs in the late evening and then a great spinner fall just after dark.





Here are some of the bigger Mayflies to look for in the coming week on the Au Sable River.  Above a March Brown & Brown Drake dun.  Look for both of these to hatch just before dark and into darkness.  On cloudy days you can have afternoon hatches.  Brown Drakes are a major hatch and typically bring up some great fish.  Below are two big spinners that have been going the past week - Great Speckled Olive and March Brown.  These are both a good size #12 and hard to beat a spent wing parachute rusty spinner. 



May 26th - Excellent dry fly fishing today with a huge Sulphur hatch all afternoon and evening.  Today's cloudy wet weather was just ideal for this hatch and had some very nice fish up and rising.  Next warm night look for some extremely heavy spinners of these bugs!  Many ask when will the Brown Drakes start?  Some say we are way behind this spring and it will be a while - could be true.  All the bugs that hatch before the Drakes are here, heat is coming next week and their typically going strong in the warmer sections by June 1st.   Could be very soon!


May 20th - Dan with a very nice Au Sable River trout caught on a dry fly.   Big trout ate a #14 tan comparadun - great pattern for this time of year.  Of late there has not been big numbers of trout rising but some of the better fish are going.


Abbe enjoying the Au Sable River!  She is turning into a good little boat dog and an excellent retriever.  Starting to come with me regularly on the river.


May 18th - Philip with a very nice dry fly caught trout in the Big Waters of the Au Sable.  Very heavy spinner fall late this evening of Mahoganies and Hendricksons.  With all the different hatches starting now these trout are getting selective.  If one pattern does not work keep changing.


May 18th - Great Speckled Olive spinner. A bug that is not commonly talked about but this big spinner will produce some big trout in late May.  The last few nights just started to seeing some decent numbers - easy to spot being so much bigger than everyone else.


May 18th - Here is a Sulphur dun size #16 - this major hatch is just starting.  This bug is typically an evening hatcher and look for heavy spinner falls just before dark.  This bug will be going for the next couple weeks and on warm evenings can come in blizzard numbers.



May 15th - River dropped a bit and had some good dry fly fishing today!  Found some nice big trout up and rising to a very heavy Hendrickson hatch.  Had some bad luck put them in the net today but finally scoop this one up.  I got box full of different Hendrickson pattern but I should just bring two - Regan's spent wing spinner and Regan's parachute.  Seems to be the only ones I ever use and they are so effective.  Today was all dun so it was the parachute and they are pictured below.




May 13th - Bob with a nice big Au Sable trout that just inhaled jointed Great Lakes Deceiver!  With the water rising from heavy rains going big was the key today and our new giant size Conrad Sculpin also produced.



May 10th - It was a wet day on the Au Sable with some major thunder storms and river on the rise.  Good streamer fishing continues!  Had heavy Hendrickson hatch but very few fish were rising in the higher stained water.




May 7th -  Bob floated with Erik today found a few giant browns in the Big Waters of the Au Sable River!  Big streamers has been the key of late.



May 6th - Joe Stevens with just a giant brown in the Big Waters of the Au Sable - 26 1/2"!  Good streamer fishing continues and even the bright sun did not stop this guy from crushing a 6" Great Lakes Deciever. 



May 6th - Dry fly fishing has begun today in the Big Waters of the Au Sable!  Joe with our first dry fish of the year and it was a good one at 22"!  We also found a few more in the upper teens. Yesterday Hendrickson hatch finally kicked into high gear and today there were a few trout up and rising.  Covering lots of water was the key to finding these big trout with dry flies.  Regan parachute dun #14 (pictured just below) produced all of our fish.  Next warm evening should be a huge spinner fall!




May 2nd - The hatch is just starting in the Big Waters and hopefully we will be getting some nice dry fly fishing this week!! Typically this hatch gets going the first two weeks in May in the Mio water so it we are just about there.  The Hendrickson Mayfly is the first big hatch on Au Sable and will produce some nice big browns very soon.  Above are two of my favorite Hendrickson patterns tied by Jerry Regan - left is parachute dun pattern and right is spinner pattern.  Look for good hatches in the late afternoon and parachute dun is the top choice.  Late evening look for spinner falls and Jerry's spinner will get the job done. 




Here are some of our top early season streamer.  These are all patterns that I have fished and have produced some very nice brown trout - Joint Great Lakes Deceivers, Fire Tiger Great Lakes Deceiver, Rattling Murdich Minnow Rainbow & Brown Trout, Grizzly Yellow Great Lakes Deceiver, Woolhead Sculpin, and Conrad Scuplin.


April 29th - The Big Waters of Au Sable below Mio continue to run extremely high and very dirty.  Did not hear of any good reports of fishing today and I will be sticking to the lower river and steelhead fishing this weekend.  River conditions are ideal below Foote right now.


April 27th - A beautiful Au Sable River trout today in the heavy rains!  Magnum Murdich Minnow in Fire Tiger with the loud knocking rattle was the streamer that produced in the high dirty water.  Conditions are looking good for the next few days if river continues to rise.


April 25th - James with a nice big Au Sable River trout caught on Great Lakes Deceiver!  Had a nice float today with James & Rob and had a few big browns come to our streamers - baitfish and trout patterns were most productive.  No hatches today and still have not seen a hendrickson in the Big Waters.  Should have some good dry fly fishing when water levels come down a bit and temps warm - hopefully in next couple weeks.  Right now it is streamer time and the Au Sable has been giving up some big browns!!


April 26th - Some are asking why no dry fly fishing yet in the Big Waters of the Au Sable and this graph pretty much tells it all.  Triangles are where the average temps are and we have been below all of April.  Currently water temps are about 46 degrees and typically about 52 is where trout start thinking about rising in the Big Waters.  With May coming soon I would carry a dry fly rod along and make sure you have some Hendrickson and Olive patterns with you in the boat.  Hate to be left with only a sink tip in the boat and you come across that first big rising trout!!



April 22nd - Tom and Tom both got a couple nice big Au Sable River Brown Trout today!  Had a few other big trout come to the streamers today but did not get hooked up.  Great Lakes Deceivers and our big trout patterns have been producing very well of late.



April 14th - Chris & Bob came to Mio today and it sure did not take them long to find this giant brown on the Au Sable!


April 10th - Joe with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout!  Heavy rains this morning and river was rising fast and getting dirty.  Spring is finally here.


April 8th - Rick with just a beautiful trout on the Au Sable River!  Had to work for them today and that is the way it goes streamer fishing some days this time of year while looking for big trout.



Here is a great streamer box we now have in stock from Umpqua.  Box will also hold flies on the outside while they dry.  In our online sales at: Streamer box.  We also have some of streamers marked way down for a Spring sale: Streamer Sale!



April 7th -  Jake with a beautiful giant sized brown trout caught on the Au Sable River.  The excellent streamer fishing continues!   Warmer temps today melted a bit more snow causing a little more stain in river which is ideal.





April 2nd - Some streamers that have been working well of late.



April 1st - Albert with a giant brown on the Big Waters of the Au Sable River!  It is streamer time.




Feb 18th - A couple days of Spring like weather was just what the upper Au Sable and its branches needed!  Streamer fishing was pretty good and river is in great shape now.  There was getting to be a lot of shelf ice build up and this melt down knocked out most of this.  The river did not rise a lot but a couple inches and still ideal for winter wade fishing.  Right now when it comes to fly selection it is hard to beat woolly buggers, leeches, zuddlers, and sculpin patterns.  Best colors of late black, olive and brown.  We will be back to full time guided float trout trips in March and that is sure coming soon!  So much great year round water on the Au Sable River and it branches.  Nice to see even more year round water being added starting April 1st - which is opening day for the Big Waters below Mio! 




Feb 10th - Here are some close up photos from the White River in Arkansas from our Feb trip.   Just like on the Au Sable big browns just love to eat trout!  Top left is a 21" brown that was caught on a 6-7" rainbow Great Lakes Deceiver and it had the tail of a 8-9" rainbow hanging out of its mouth.  Just shows what browns will do when their hungry -  one in not enough.  Our jointed Great Lakes Deceiver in rainbow, brown trout, cotton candy, and glow white were our top producer which was no surprise because also top pattern on the Au Sable for big trout in the Spring and Fall.  Had a great time in Arkansas and we are sure going back in Feb 2012!  Planning on staying for at least two weeks next winter and will be putting together details for lodging and guided float trips.  Here are lots of photos from our trip: White River Arkansas


Feb 9th - We are in Arkansas fishing the White River this week.  So far some good streamer fishing and here are some of biggest browns.  Big rainbow patterns have been top producers and our Great Lakes Deceivers have been our best pattern.



January 17th - Billy O'Neil with just a beautiful trout on the White River in Arkansas while fishing with river guide Jeremy Hunt.  This is just a super fishery in the winter months for trophy browns and streamer fishing is what produces.   Top flies right now are our Great Lakes Deceivers (olive/grizzly yellow, fire tiger, olive/white), Articulated Great Lakes Deceivers (cotton candy, brown trout, black/chartreuse), Magnum Murdich Minnows (shad, rainbow, brown trout), Conrad Sculpins (black, tan/olive, olive), Circus Peanuts (black, olive, white) and lots of different shad patterns.   I will be down on the White starting Feb 5th and really looking forward to it!  If your interested in a guided float trip, streamers, specialty sink lines, or just some info just ask.


Here is one of our top streamers being tied by Mike Schmidt  www.anglerschoiceflies.com  The Conrad Sculpin produces so many big trout and Mike has been doing a great job on this pattern and many other big streamers that we sell & use.  This is an articulated pattern and the key for this one is the connection of the two hooks.  To tight and you lose action and to loose fly tangles often.  Just a great pattern when looking for trophy trout!



December 29th - Just a beautiful brown trout on the Au Sable River that crushed a Conrad Sculpin.  Two handed rods are ideal for swinging streamers in the winter months - typically done for steelhead but a perfect presentation for big browns also.


December 29th - My favorite two handed rod - Sage TCX 12' 6" 7wt with a Rio Skagit Flight 550 and MOW sink tip to match river levels.


December 29th - The Conrad Sculpin is one of our top producers for big browns and steelhead.



"Night Of The Hex" DVD has been added to our online sales.  Click on picture above to view trailer or to make a purchase.  Rob Thompson did just a great job on this DVD last summer and it really shows what the Hex Hatch is all about with some great footage from the Au Sable River!



December 22nd -  Had good fishing today with several nice trout landed.  Sink tips and lots of different leeches, zuddlers and sculpin patterns were what produced today.



Finally got plans finalized for our Winter trip to the White River in Arkansas!  Will be fishing starting Feb 5th and staying on the river at Wildcat Shoals Resort.  For those that like to streamer fish for trophy browns this is the place to fish in February and roughly a 12 hour drive from southern Michigan.  Had a great time last year and looking like this will be an annual trip now with a bigger group coming this year.  To streamer fish this river you need to really enjoy casting big rods, sink tips, and big flies.  Our go to setup last year was good fast action 9' 8wt and both the Sage Xi3 and Winston BII-MX worked perfectly.  Rio DC 24' sink tips in 200 to 300 grains and the Rio OutBound's were our best lines depending on river level.  Also we had good action fishing shad patterns with floating lines and either swinging them or fishing them under an indictor.  Did not get to nymph fish last year as water levels were way to high but sounds like that will not be the case this winter.  I will be bring a huge selection of equipment for those that are looking to try out some new rods and some perfectly matched streamer setups.  Sage & Winston 9' 6wt thru 9wt (Xi3, TCX, Z-Axis, BII-MX) and a good selection of switch rods for swinging streamers & nymph fishing.  Will have a pile of Rio lines to match!   As for flies we carry a huge selection streamers that were very productive last year - our Great Lakes Deceivers, Murdrich Minnows, Conrad Sculpins, and Shad patterns were all top producers and we will be adding a few more to our online fly sales section for the White River.   I have made arrangements with some local Arkansas guides for those that are looking for float trips.  If your looking for a multiple or single day trips and lodging I can set that up for you and we do have some good rate packages.  If any questions just email me at kelly@michiganstreamside.com  Here are some photos from Feb 2010:  White River Feb 2010



December 11th - We trout fished the North Branch and South Branch of the Au Sable River today and caught a few nice trout!  Such a nice time of the year to be on the river and did not see any other anglers.  This time of year streamer fishing can be very good if you pick your days with the best conditions.   Lead eyed and cone headed streamers were top producers today - leeches, buggers, sculpins in black and olive.  Down across swing along the cover, logs and thru the holes with lots of small strips and twitches is what was working today.  This time year best to cover lots of water!



Nov 30th - Just a perfect day to trout fish the Au Sable River!  Finally a good rain last night and browns were out looking for food.  It was such a typically bite today for this time of year - not much action and then just a great hour of streamer fishing!  It was a little bit of bummer as the best trout of day did not stay hooked.  Big browns are getting into that post spawning mode as almost all redds are now empty.  Should have good fishing the next few weeks!




November 24th - My best catch of the year - a 10lb black lab puppy!  Finally a new dog around the house and Abbe has been working out so well.  Looking forward to bringing her along fishing as we float down the Au Sable and taking her bird hunting next fall.



October 31st - This is why we streamer fish this time of year!  Just a great time for those looking for a true giant brown trout.


October 30th - John O'Neil with a excellent day of streamer fishing on the Au Sable River!  Fish were on today and some just attacked our streamers.  The cool cloudy day was just ideal day for trout fishing.




Oct 19th - A couple beautiful trout that Erik caught on the North Branch of the Au Sable earlier this month.  Water levels are very low throughout the entire system right now.  Typically we are throwing lots of bigger streamers this time of year but that has not been that effective in the current conditions.  Small streamers - woolly buggers, zuddlers, lead eyed leeches in black, olive and tan have all been producing some nice trout of late.  Fall will be coming soon and then it will be time to break out the big stuff!



October 12th - The banks of Au Sable are just a great place to upland bird hunt this time of year!  The last week there have real good numbers of woodcock in the area.  Leaves are going down now and it is prime time to grouse hunt.



October 2nd - New Winston rods are now in stock in 4wt, 5wt, 6wt and more are coming!  The BIIIx and GVX are new models for 2011 and we will be stock a wide range of wts.  Just had the Winston 9' 5wt cast off at the river - New BIIIx, GVX, BII-MX and BIIx. The new BIIIx is just the perfect dry fly rod! Just a little faster than the older BIIx and lighter in your hand. Still that classic Winston action. For large flies hard to beat the BII-MX. New GVX was but a bit heavier and little more power in butt section than the BIIIx - very similar to BII-MX but over $250 less cost.  If any questions about the new Winston rods just email me at kelly@michiganstreamside.com   Rods can be shipped right out and we do offer free shipping anywhere in the world!


Preview of Rob Thompson's June video of the Hex Hatch in the Midwest. http://www.thirdyearflyfisher.com/stillshex
The final show is 30 video that will be out this winter.




These are some of our top producing streamers for those big fall browns on the Au Sable River!



September 12th - Just great time of the year to fish the Au Sable!


August 21st - Finally the Big Waters is getting back to good temp for trout fishing!  Those little triangles are the long term avg for each day.  Still above normal but dropping steady!  Last nights rain should really help also.



August 6th - Bill with a beautiful Au Sable River rainbow that was caught on a dark hex dry fly.  Had pretty good spinner fall just before dark and a fair number of bass were up and rising.  This fish started feeding very heavy and rise form did look a little different than the smallmouth were making. 


August 5th - Chuck with a very nice Au Sable River brown trout caught on Dark Hex dry fly.  Spinner flights were just starting and this trout was out looking for them!  Very natural patterns are the key and our cdc spinner was been the top producer.



July 30th - When you can scoop up the mayflies by the handful you know it is a heavy hatch!  Blizzard hatch of White Flies in the Big Waters last night.  Trout fishing has been very slow of late due to high heat but with the cooler weather and the beginning of a major hatch this could all change very quickly.  Below are four excellent White Flies patterns.  These bugs emerge so fast out of the river that when hatch first starts wets and nymphs are top producers.  Spinners patterns just before and after dark are what produce the best trout and even some oversized ones after dark.



July 27th - Just a beautiful Au Sable River rainbow!  The Dark Hex is one of the most overlooked hatches in July.  Many times in the Big Waters it is mostly a Smallmouth Bass hatch due to high water temps but it will produce some giant trout also.  If temps stay down a few more nights look for a giant brown trout to be post here really soon!!



July 27th - Incredible Dark Hex spinner flight starting around 9pm.  Lots of Smallies rising tonight and few big trout!



The new Abel Super 5/6 QC are in stock!  Just the ideal reel for our 5-7wt streamer rods.


New Streamside hats are now in stock! $15.95 and that includes shipping.
Ripstop in cigar colored, washed twill in old gold, and oil cloth in brown.


July 1st - Greg with just a giant trout caught on a dry fly fishing (#12 Regan Iso parachute) while floating in the Big Waters.   Slow action thru out the day but some good dry fly fishing in the late evening with a good number of Isonychia and Light Cahill mayflies hatching.


July 2nd - Still chasing the hex hatch and big browns after dark.  Good number of duns hatching tonight but that cold air after dark was not good for spinners and just shut down our rising trout.  Warm weather is being forecasted for the weekend and should produce some good night fishing.


June 27th - Billy with just a beautiful trout caught on the Hex Hatch.  It is getting late in the hatch but had an excellent night with a good spinner fall and some nice trout up and feeding. 


June 26th - Scott with real nice rainbow in the Big Waters of the Au Sable.


June 23rd - A cool 20" brown trout getting released.  Had the beginning of a real nice hex spinner fall going tonight until rain ended it early.  At least some action before rains came! 


June 21st - Tom with beautiful brown trout at 2am!  It was a long night with lots of bad luck but finally it all worked out and fly did not pull out of this one.


June 19th - Dave with a true giant brown trout caught on the Au Sable River!  Hex spinner fall was very light tonight but still some great trout were up and rising.


June 18th - Scott with just a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout caught on Hex spinner dry fly.



June 17th - Steve with first trout caught on a dry fly after dark and it sure was a good one!!



June 17th - Bob with a couple of great dry fly caught browns.


June 17th - Mike with beautiful Au Sable brown trout caught on hex spinner while floating with Jeff.


June 16th - Great night on the hex hatch!  Mike got 3 over 20" and here were the two largest.  Rains came in last night but still had a good spinner fall and rising trout.  Big fish came right during heavy rain.



June 14th - Mike with a couple of nice big browns on the Au Sable River.  Had a great spinner fall and a bunch of rising trout just after dark.




June 12th - Lots of lightning and storms on the Au Sable tonight! Still some excellent dry fly fishing on the hex hatch. Rob Thompson came with us today shooting some great video for hex hatch production he is working on this month. He caught on video what the Au Sable River is noted for - giant wild brown trout rising to dry flies at night!  Joe Stevens did a great job putting some big trout in the net. Between the lightning bolts and video lights it was a much different night on the Au Sable!  Will post video when it is complete later this month.



June 11th - Tom with some a very nice brown and rainbow trout.  Big rainbow came on a Iso spinner right at dark.  We did not get the big hex hatch today but still found some a nice brown trout up and rising.




June 8th - Some great trout rising to hex spinners just after dark tonight!  Weather has a little wet but we got a couple good hours in before the rains hit.  On these cooler wet nights hex are typically not that heavy but still enough to get the fish up and feeding. 



Here are 4 Hex patterns that have all been catching trout and doing well of late.  Right now we have a good stock of hex dries and we do ship all orders with free shipping.



June 6th - The rains finally stopped today and it turned into a good night of bugs.  Lots of Iso and good number of hex spinners.  Here is big trout being released - like all should be on the Au Sable!



Putting my favorite night time dry rod & reel to good use!  Sage 9' 5wt TCX, Abel Super 5N and Rio WF6F glow line.  The new Abel brown trout graphics is a perfect match the Au Sable Brown Trout!


June 3rd - Night time dry fishing has been going strong on the Au Sable of late!  The key to dry fishing at night is stop casting and get into good position and then make a good short cast over fish.  Tonight these 2 trout were caught with 6 casts combined!  Minimize casting - a few good cast over fish and then stop for a bit.



June 2nd - Time to start fishing Iso nymphs and crayfish patterns.  Both can be so productive while waiting for the Big Mayflies to hatch.




Two great fly assortments (hex and iso/drake) now for sale in our online sales section!



May 29th - Joe and Bella with some good action on Brown Drake spinners right at dark!



May 28th - John with beautiful trout caught on a brown drake spinner just after dark!  Should be great week of night fishing to come and look for Hex to start in warm sections of the Au Sable if the current heat sticks around.


May 27th - Tom with a very nice dry fly caught trout on the Au Sable.


May 28th - This graph shows it clearly on water temps.  One cool night and upstream the temps drop right down but below Mio morning temps have been around 72.  This is way to warm for fishing and trout that are hooked will typically die.  Hopefully a good rain is coming soon to drop these temps.  Until then there is still lots of great trout water to float and big browns to catch at night!


May 26th - Here are the two big bugs right now - Brown Drake spinners and duns.  Below are my 3 favorite patterns for this bug.




May 26th - Water temps are building in the Big Waters at Mio Dam.  So far Mio Pond has been keeping the river cool as graph shows it is cooler than upstream.  At 68 new bubbler system will be turned on at Mio Dam.  This system pushes cool water up off the bottom of pond and hopefully stops the Big Waters from overheating. 



Just a beautiful photo from a few nights ago taken by guide Jeff Boks on the Au Sable River.  Oscar and Jon floated with Jeff and had some good dry fly fishing.  The one nice thing about the low water this year is there are many places in the Big Waters that are easy to wade and enjoyable to fish.


May 21st - A very nice Au Sable River brown trout and one of my custom rods.  Right in the corner of the mouth you can see that Regan spent wing rusty spinner.  The last week there has been some pretty good dry fly fishing most nights right at dark.


Night time dry fly fishing is here on the AuSable River.  The past two years I have been using this line and it has improved our after dark fishing.  There is no need to super charge it with a light just a slight glow is ideal.  It makes judging distance so much easier in the dark!  We now have them in stock in 6wt & 8wt for $55 and free shipping.  If interested click here: Rio LumaLux glow lines.




May 18th - Dustin and Dan with some very nice Au Sable River trout caught dry fly fishing!  Fishing those spinner falls right at dark have been the key all week - Sulphurs, March Browns and Light Hendrickson.


May 18th - A beautiful round rainbow on the Au Sable River.  We sure are seeing more of these nice bows this year in the Big Waters.




May 17th - Just a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout.  Dry fishing has been excellent of late!  Heavy spinner falls right at dark of Light Hendrickson and Sulphurs.



May 15th - Trent with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout caught in late afternoon on a dry fly.  Lots of bug this afternoon/evening!  This big trout was picking off all the stoneflies that were coming down his lane.  After trying a few different pattern a #8 olive Stimulator got him.  Look for some good spinner falls the next few evening of Light Hendricksons, Mahoganies and Sulphurs.



A very cool new brown trout finish just out from Abel and a new reel model.  The Super 6N is narrower & lighter than the old Super 6 and is just a perfect size for a 5wt to 7wt rod.  I have had some engraved with "Au Sable River Trophy Waters" for those looking for a beautiful reel and love the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  We have the Super 5N with the same full side finish and engraving in stock also.  The new Super 5/6 QC quick change reel is do out this month and have those coming with this finish & engraving.  We do stock a full line of Abel reels with the fish graphics finishes.  Right now brook trout, rainbow, brown, tarpon and steelhead are all in stock.  For pictures just drop me an email at kelly@michiganstreamside.com 



A new sculpin pattern that we are now stocking.  Eli Berant  www.greatlakesfly.com has been tying some great streamer for us and just came up with this articulated version of our woolhead sculpin that has been so popular on the Au Sable.  This has even more action and just a great big trout fly!  These four colors are going in our online fly sales page.


May 13th - Tom with a nice big brown from the Big Waters streamer fishing.  Rain all day made for some good streamer fishing!  Came so close on a couple of giant browns today and that is way streamer fishing goes at time.  Seeing those big browns charge that fly to the boat can be so cool but also a little frustrating when hook does not stay in there mouth or they miss the fly!  Great Lakes Deceivers (skunk, black/chartreuse, chart/white) and Murdich Minnow in rainbow were top producers today.



May 8th - Snow, rain and lots of wind today - perfect trout fishing conditions!  No one wanted to go fishing today with the nasty weather except Erik and Steve.  We had some good streamer fishing and did find a few good risers.  Hard to find a much more beautiful brown trout than this one!


May 8th - Even with the rain and snow had a good afternoon hatch of Hendrickson and Olives.  Found some nice rainbows up and rising.  The Big Waters trout are sure a lot of thicker this year.  The past mild weather was ideal for there growth.


Here are some great patterns for Mid May on the Big Waters:  Roberts Yellow Drake, Regan Rusty Spinner, Regan Sulphur Spinner, and Borcher Parachute.  We will be adding a bunch of new patterns to our online sales this week.  Umpqua has come out with some great new Michigan dry flies designed by Bear Andrews and they are now in stock.  Also all of big bug of June (Brown Drake, Iso, Hex) are all in stock now.



May 7th - Huge Hendrickson hatch late this afternoon and the big trout were up and rising.  Nasty weather but some excellent dry fly fishing.  This big brown is getting released as all should be on the Au Sable!


May 6th - Evening dry fly fishing on one of my favorite flats in the Big Waters!



May 3rd - Dustin with beautiful Au Sable River brown trout caught streamer fishing.

May 2nd - Fernando and Dave with some nice trout on the Big Waters of the Au Sable River!  All day bugs today with hatches and spinner falls made for some good dry fly fishing.  Dark Hendricksons and Mahoganies were going strong.



May 1st - Right at dark the big guys came out to start rising!  We had a couple of great chances at big trout tonight.  With all the warm weather of late it is time to stay late for spinner falls.


April 25th - Josh working a big trout rising to Hendrickson duns.  There were not a lot of trout rising today but there sure were a ton of dark Hendricksons.  This hatch is just getting going in the Big Waters of the Au Sable and of late mid to late afternoon has been the peak time.  Next warm evening look for spinner falls to start and these typically produce the biggest trout.


April 23rd - A nice brown trout caught on Hendrickson parachute #14.  Water temps are in the low 50's throughout the bigger waters of the Au Sable and fish are starting to rise.  A little more warm weather and the dry fly fishing should be excellent.




This photo above was from last May but with the warm April we have had it will not be long for a big spinner fall on the Big Waters of the Au Sable River.  Only 7 days and waters below Mio Dam will be back open to fishing!  River is in great shape for the early season and there are Hendricksons hatching right now.  I have been stopping by and taking a look of late and Hennies are just getting going.  Water is low for this time of year which should be ideal for dry fly fishing.  As always when season first opens in the Big Waters it is time to break out the big streamer and look for a giant brown trout!


April 16th - Andy with nice Smallmouth Bass on the Au Sable River while looking for big browns.  The big trout streamer bite has not been there of late for the last week or so.  I think what is needed is some good rain and some higher water to get these big trout going again.  Upstream in the Au Sable trout fishing has been good with some dry fly action and Hendrickson hatch is going well. 


April 4th -  Such cool trout that just smashed a Murdich Minnow in rainbow.  Should be great week of trout fishing with rain forecasted for a number of days.  Time to get those big flies out!



March 28th - A beautiful brown trout from the South Branch of the Au Sable River.  The river was in great shape today and water has cleared up a lot over the last week.  Surprising to see upper Au Sable and its branches at such a low level for this time of year.  With all of the warm weather trout are starting to rise a bit!  Mostly to stone flies of late but with the current extremely warm weather Hendrickson hatches could start very soon.  Typically this is a great time for streamer fishing but I would make sure you have a dry fly rod rigged and ready to go with either a black stone, hendrickson or a small olive.


March 21st - Big browns on the Au Sable today!  3 in net over 20".  This is the time of year to break out your big streamers for these giants.  Fished a new rod today - the Winston BII-MX 9' 8wt.  Might have found my new favorite big streamer rod!  Put a Rio 250 grain 24' DC sink tip on it and it was just so comfortable to cast with 4"- 8" streamers.  Will be keeping this one in the boat this spring!  We are full Winston dealer now and do stock all of the BII-MX and a bunch of the BIIX and LT.



March 21st - Here are two photos from today's trout fishing - Magnum Murdich Minnow was producing well!  The Murdich Minnow has been one of top producers the last couple years and we keep expanding on the series to cover different water & different times of the year.  The Murdich Minnow is Umpqua pattern that we stock and also lots of custom versions.  Our top streamer fly tier Eli Berant has created some awesome color combinations & trout colors, larger patterns, and added a loud knocking rattle.    Last fall Eli came out with the Magum (5.5" long) series with the loud rattles and they sure have been catching trout in the river and on the shoreline of Lake Huron.  I'm adding these three to our online sales along with a shad/smelt color. 



March 15th - This is what the early season trout is for me - chasing giant browns!


March 15th - Here is a new pattern (color combination) that worked so well on our trip to the White River in Arkansas this winter.  It sure worked well on the Au Sable today!  The Cotton Candy Rainbow.  I'm adding this one to our online fly sales (hopefully today) and they are in stock.  I'm always looking for new flies, fly lines, rods, and gear that improve our fishing.  Got a new articulated Great Lakes Deceiver in a 6" size with much small lighter hooks.  Much easier to cast and still a very big profile in water.


March 14th - Adam with a very nice trout that just crushed a big black leech pattern.


March 11th - March and April are great months to streamer fish the Au Sable River!  Big streamers were hot today - Great Lakes Deceivers, Cotton Candy Rainbow, and Murdich Minnows in rainbow & brown trout.


March 7th - Dan with just a beautiful trout on the Au Sable River!  Spring is here with temps finally hitting 50 yesterday.  Streamers have been the top producers of late.  Bright blue skies are sure not the ideal conditions but sounds like some rain is coming later this week.  Should be great March of trout fishing this year!



Dec 25th - This time of year when it starts to rain look for excellent trout fishing!  Spent a couple hours this afternoon streamer fishing the South Branch of the Au Sable and had very good action.  Lead eyed leech patterns in black and olive were top producers.  The key to winter trout fishing is to avoid the bitter cold periods.  The upper Au Sable and its branches fish very well this time of year and when that water starts to rise just a little, look for excellent fishing. 




November 11th - Steve Stone with a long brown trout!  We started out early this morning on the Lake Huron shoreline and then came to the river for an afternoon float.  Bright blue skies is sure not the best of conditions this time of year but we still found a few nice trout.



October 30th - Good streamers fishing today!  Josh and John almost had a few more that were much bigger than these - yes that is fishing the big one that got away.  All day rain today was just ideal for late fall streamer fishing on the Au Sable.  Our top fly today was the Conrad Sculpin in black or tan/olive.


October 28th - Jointed Great Lakes Deceiver is getting the job done.  This time of year these giants are sure not a numbers game.  You fish hard all day with the right gear and hope to have couple good shots at a true trophy trout.


October 22nd - A big fall brown trout on the Au Sable River!  Streamer fishing continues to be excellent for those looking for trophy trout.  Our new jointed Great Lakes Deceiver produced this giant today. 


Big trout from photo above being released back to the Au Sable River!


October 8th - Excellent streamer fishing today and some good river duck hunting.  Just a great way to spend a fall day on the Au Sable.  Big and bright was working on the streamers the best.  Our Great Lakes Deceiver in chartreuse/white has the hot fly today.  Starting to find some wood ducks and mallards on the river and had some good shooting today.



October 2nd - Kris with a beautiful Au Sable River brown trout.  This fish just attacked a Rattling Murdich Minnow in rainbow colors.  Today there were perfect conditions - cool, rain and rising water.  This was not the biggest fish we saw today!  More rain is forecasted for the coming week and trout fishing should be excellent.