Au Sable River Michigan flyfishing report

Photos from our 2009 Salmon float trips on the Betsie River.


October 9th - Some nice Coho Salmon on the Platte River today!  Still some fresh fish around in the deeper holes and lots of salmon hitting the spawning gravel.




October 1st - Greg Miller with a huge Platte River Chinook Salmon!  This might be biggest one landed in my boat this year. 




October 1st - Lots of fresh run Coho and Chinook on the Platte today! 




October 1st - Chris and Eli with a couple beautiful fresh run Chinooks!




September 30th - The happy angler - Michele landed her first salmon hooked on the Betsie River today.




September 30th - Andy fighting a nice Chinook on the Betsie River.  Salmon was brought to the net and was a nice fish - just about a little smaller than one pictured above!!




September 29th - Bob Spence with a huge Platte River Chinook Salmon.  Excellent fishing today!  Winds were coming off of Lake Michigan so heavy it was hard to tell with way river was flowing.  Recent rain and cold weather have been bringing a steady flow of fresh Chinook and Coho salmon from Lake Michigan.



September 29th - Bob Spence with a bright silver Coho Salmon on the Platte River.



September 29th - These fresh run salmon are fairly aggressive and top flies today were egg sucking leech in purple, muddlers, and black woolly buggers.




September 28th - Extremely high winds and lots of Coho Salmon today on the Platte River.  Big numbers are heading up thru Platte Lake now and on they way to the waters around Honor.  These fresh run Coho are such cool fish - hard biters and great fighters.





September 28th - A Platte River Coho caught using the Redington CPX 8wt switch rod and Redington CDL reel.  There is only one way to test new gear and I gave these a good workout today.  Setup was matched with a Rio Grand floating line and it handled perfectly - even with wind gust of 50mph today.  We are a Redington dealer now and do stock this rod and reel.  If interested or any questions just email us at




September 27th - Morgan Cambell fighting a salmon on the Betsie River.  Had some good fishing this afternoon in the upper Betsie and put a few good fish in the net.





September 25th - Marv with a couple of very nice salmon on the Betsie River.




September 24th - Jim with some nice fresh run Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Had some good fishing today and still lots of fresh fish around!




September 23rd - Bob with some bright silver Coho Salmon on the Platte River.  Run is just getting going here and we found some good fish today.  River is still very warm and cold weather is needed for big numbers to enter river.

Sage 11' 8wt Z-Axis switch rod with a floating line is the perfect setup on this river.  Fluorocarbon leaders are ideal in this gin clear water.  Top patterns today were muddlers and leeches with a down and across swing.




September 22nd - Dave with a bright silver Chinook Salmon on the lower Betsie River.  Big numbers of fresh fish were on the move today after recent rains.  This beautiful fresh run King took a big black bunny leech with down and across swing.




September 22nd - Greg and Bob floated with guide Jeff Boks and landed some very nice Betsie River salmon.




September 21st - Steve with some big Chinook salmon on the Betsie River today.  Good rain this morning made for some very good fishing.




September 19th - Ryan with a nice fresh run salmon on the Betsie River.  Hooked some great fish today but landing was a bit of a problem!




September 17th - Tony with a couple of real nice salmon the Betsie River.




September 16th - Dan and Tim with some big Chinook Salmon.  Good fishing today but river is in of some good rains.




September 15th - Bob Spence with a couple of very nice King Salmon on the Betsie River.  The warm summer weather continues and fishing is bit on the slow side.  What is needed is a good rain and fall like weather.  We are still getting some good fish each day but the bulk of September run is still in Lake Michigan.  Looks like now we should have good salmon fishing well into the middle of October.




September 14th - Tom with a really big Betsie River salmon.  With the bright conditions best flies of late have been small ones - nuke eggs, green caddis, pheasant tail and stone flies.




September 12th & 13th - Carl and Will Smoot with a couple of Betsie River salmon. 




September 10th and 11th - A great group of guys from Alabama and Texas fished with us on the Betsie River and we had some pretty good fishing!  Lindsey, George, Mike and Brad all landed some good salmon the last two days.








September 9th - Eric and Bud with some good salmon on the Betsie River.  Beautiful summer weather today and put four into the net.  With the bright skies and warm weather nymphs and egg patterns have been top producers.




September 8th - Bob and Mark with some fresh run Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Of late the key is to cover lots of water.  Many holes are not holding fish but then one will be loaded.




September 7th - Bruce and Charlie with some nice Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.





September 6th - Dan floated with guide Jeff Boks and landed this nice big salmon on the Betsie River.  Heavy pressure on the river today with holiday weekend made for some tough conditions. 





September 6th - Bob with a fresh run Salmon on the Betsie River. 





Betsie River Chinook landed on the new Sage 9' 9wt Xi3.  The Xi3 is the new saltwater series just released by Sage and is the ideal rod for Great Lakes salmon.  We do have 8wt, 9wt and 10wt in stock now and they can be shipped right out.  If interested do email me at  I have added the Sage 9' 9wt in the TCX, Xi3, Vantage and the Winston BIIMX 9' 9wt to our guide rods.  If interested in casting any there all here with me on the Betsie.  My way of testing new products is simple - we fish them.




September 5th - Doak and Dennis Stolz with big Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Excellent fishing today!






September 3rd & 4th - Robert and Richard with a bunch of salmon on the Betsie River!  Had a great time floating these two days and had some pretty good fishing.







September 4th - Matt Obermiller with some very nice salmon on the Betsie River today floating with guide Jeff Boks.




September 3rd - Guide Jeff Boks and Mick Kramer with a couple of Chinook Salmon on the Betsie.  Excellent fishing today with good numbers of fish in the river now.




September 2nd - Dave Porash and son Eric had a great day fishing with guide Jeff Boks today on the Betsie River!  Nymphs and eggs are were top flies today.





Sept 2nd - Jim and Randy with a huge day on the Betsie!  Fishing has been excellent of late with big numbers holding in the sand holes.




Aug 31st - Mel Sr. and Jr. with some beautiful fresh run Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Excellent fishing today with double digits brought to the net!




August 29th & 30th - Kris Walley and Tom Olenczuk with silver Kings in the lower Betsie River.  Spent the last two days stripping streamer and did find some very aggressive fish.  Our two best flies were our Great Lakes Deceiver in Chart/White and the Umpqua Murdich Minnow in Chart/White.  Not the kind of numbers of hook ups as nymph fishing in the upper river but very cool watching Kings come chasing out of deep hole.  The last two days of cold north winds sent good numbers of fresh run salmon up the Betsie.  Should have some good fishing this coming week.






August 28th - Eric and Jeff with two big salmon on the Betsie River.  Good conditions today with cool temps and rain - it felt like a fall day.  There is getting to be good numbers of fish thru out the river and most fish are holding in the deep slow sand holes.  Cool weather and north winds are forecasted for the weekend which should bring another big push of fish in from Lake Michigan.



August 28th - Excellent fishing today!




August 27th - Marc with a real nice Betsie River salmon.  It took a while today to finally put one in the net after a number of hook ups.




August 26th - Mike and Chris with some nice King Salmon on the Betsie.

August 26th - Hard to beat summer like weather and a bunch of salmon!

August 26th - Dan and Mike with some Betsie River Salmon caught with guide Jeff Boks.  Excellent day on the river with some nice salmon brought to the net.




August 25th - Mike Sargent with a big chrome King Salmon on the Betsie River!  Good fishing today with lots of silver one in the river but they are hard to land.




August 25th - Chris Polous with a fresh run silver King Salmon. 





August 25th - Dan with more nice Kings today fishing with guide Jeff Boks.




August 24th - Bruce with a nice Betsie River salmon.  Lots fresh fish today but many were extremely hard to land.




August 24th - Al with couple of Betsie River salmon.




August 23rd - Lots of fresh fish on the move today!  This big King fresh out of Lake Michigan just smashed a fire tiger Great Lakes Deceiver.




August 23rd - Matt Olenczuk with a great big silver King Salmon that was hard to hold on to!




August 22nd - Dave Gawlak with beautiful bright silver Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Good numbers of fresh fish were on the move today.  Covering lots of water was the key today.  Egg sucking leeches in black and muddlers were are top flies.



August 22nd - Jim with one of a bunch of hookups.  These silver fish this time of year have one thing on there mind when hooked - head for the logs!



August 22nd - Today had that fall feel - light rain and cool north winds.  Ideal conditions for salmon fishing.  This year salmon are running bigger than the last couple.




August 17th - Scott Jones fighting a Betsie River salmon.  Nice float today with Scott and his dad.




Aug 15th - Rod and Gary with three big Betsie River salmon!  Even with the current hot weather and not the best conditions we had some good salmon fishing on the Betsie River today.  Big group trip today with 3 boats and each boat hooked 10 plus fish but these fresh run salmon are very hard to land in August.  Salmon are running bigger this year with a lot fish in the 20lb range.





August 15th - Jim and Rod had a bunch of good fights today!  These bright silver salmon in August are very hard to land.  Cooler weather and rain is forecasted for the coming week which should bring more fresh fish into the river.






August 7th - Here is why we chase early run Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  These big bright silver fish are so cool and give such a great battle!  Had good fishing today.  River is sure not full of salmon but we found a few good holes full of them. 




August 7th - Two hook ups at the same time!  Good fishing today and we hook about 15 nice salmon.




August 7th - Tom Olenczuk with big Betsie River salmon that is being released.




August 7th - Jeff Boks fighting a bright silver Chinook.  These early fish fight so hard and our landing percentage was not so good today!




August 7th - With the cool summer the Salmon run in Northern Michigan has started a little early this year!



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