Betsie River fly fishing photos from August 2006
  The early season salmon run was fantastic this year on the Betsie River!  Here are some of the August photos.
September 1st - Greg with another big Chinook Salmon.
August 31st - Carl with a nice big Chinook Salmon from the Betsie River.  Big numbers of salmon around today in the deep sand holes.
August 31st - Mike with a bright silver Chinook Salmon.  Best flies today were Black Woolly Buggers, Muddlers, PM Wigglers, Black Stones and Hex Nymphs.
August 30th - Greg Miller and guide Ted Kraimer with a big silver Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Had a excellent two boat float trip today with big numbers of salmon around!  Look for fishing to just keep getting better.
August 30st - Scott with another silver Chinook Salmon that was landed today.  Water levels have dropped and cleared up since the weekend rains.  River is in great shape but more rain is needed.
August 30st - Mario landed a bunch of nice fresh Kings today on the Betsie River and here is one of them.  Best flies today were natural nymphs - sparrows, pm wigglers, and muddlers.
August 29th - Sandy Arnoff with a nice big King Salmon on the Betsie River.  Had excellent fishing today and just a perfect day for a late summer float.
August 29th - Big groups of salmon like this have been very common of late on the Betsie River.
August 29th - Craig with one of a bunch of salmon that were landed today on Betsie River.
August 28th - Jamie Hicks with his first Chinook Salmon.  Had lots of fish on the move today from the weekends rain.
August 27th - Jim Anson with a couple of real nice fresh run Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Water levels were up a bit from yesterday's heavy storms and river was pretty dirty this morning.  As the day went on river cleared up to perfect conditions.  Had good numbers of fresh fish on the move up stream today.   Look for excellent fishing this week!
August 26th - Chad Reikowsky with a Betsie River Chinook Salmon.  Major storm hit in the late morning and pretty much ended today's fishing a little early.  Look for this rain to bring good numbers of fish in from Lake Michigan.
August 25th - Mike Sargent with a Betsie River salmon.  Water was pretty dirty today from last nights rain but still had pretty good fishing.  Chartruse egg patterns were the top fly today.
August 24th - Chris Poulos with big silver Betsie River Chinook Salmon.  Had excellent fishing today and just a great day on the river!  Yesterday rain brought in some very nice fresh salmon from Lake Michigan. 
August 24th - Mike Sargent with another beautiful Betsie River Salmon.  In the background Chris has another fish on!  Egg patterns, hex nymphs, muddlers, and woolly buggers were the best patterns of the day.  More rain is in the forecast which should just keep bring in more fish!
August 24th - Here is a fresh run Salmon with one of finest fly reels on the market!  This Abel reel has a custom Brook Trout Graphics finish.  We our now a Abel dealer for those looking for these fine reels.
August 24th - Mike Sargent with another great fresh run Chinook Salmon from the Betsie River.
August 22nd - Here is a fresh Chinook Salmon that hit a big streamer!   This jointed Fire Tiger streamer was tied by Craig Kopczyk who has tied us some great salmon streamer.  Streamer was being fished on a 300 grain 24' sink tip line with a down and across swing.  This is great way to fish these early run salmon.
August 20th - Here is a real nice fresh Chinook Salmon from the Betsie River that was caught by Larry Johstone.  Had pretty good fishing today in the very lower Betsie River.  The last week new fish have been moving in every day.  Cold nights seems to be the key of late for good pushes of new fish.  This is a great time of year for those looking for fresh Kings and not many people around.  Next rain should really kick run into high gear!
August 19th - David Frizzell with a nice big Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River that was caught on a small pale colored nuke egg.  Found a few nice big groups of fresh salmon today but fish were not on the bite very well.  Water levels are extremely low and fish are very spooky right now.  Of late we have had best luck with pale colored nuke eggs, sparrow nymphs, green caddis and small muddlers.  Typically these fresh August Chinook will hit large streamers but so far this year they have only run from them!
August 17th - Here is Frank with a fresh King Salmon on the Betsie River.  Today there was a big increase in the numbers of salmon in the river.  The last two cool nights have brought good numbers of salmon in from Lake Michigan.  With no other boats on the river it made for very good fishing!
August 17th - A beautiful August Betsie River salmon!
August 15th - Floated the very lower Betsie River this afternoon after a very non productive morning float in the upper river.  Found a few big groups of silver Chinooks just moving in from Lake Michigan!  Water levels are very low and fish can be spooked very easily.  Small black wooly buggers with some flash in them were the most productive fly of the day. 
August 4th - A few salmon have moved into the Betsie River.  Excellent salmon fishing of late off the mouth of the Betsie in Lake Michigan.  Next good rain should bring in a big push of these fish.  This time of year the lower section (below US-31) can be a excellent place to look for fresh run Kings.

Michigan fly fishing opportunities this season include:

  • Streamer fishing - always good, especially Spring and Fall
  • Hendrickson (late-April/early-May)
  • Brown Drake (late-May/mid-June)
  • Isonychia (mid-June)
  • Hexagenia Limbata (mid-June/early-July)
  • White Fly/Ephron (late-August)
  • Terrestrials - hoppers and ants (mid-July thru mid-September)
  • Salmon (August thru mid-Oct)
  • Steelhead (Oct thru mid-May)

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