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When it comes to fly lines, tippets and leaders, Rio is the brand that we use here at Streamside.

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New 2011 Skagit Heads, Lines and Switch Fly Lines Now In Stock!


Rio Switch Fly Line

RIO's Switch line is designed for a multitude of applications for anglers using Switch rods. The long head and thick diameter tip turns over big flies and indicator rigs while allowing anglers to throw mends and control the fly's drift at great distance.


Rio Skagit Flight Head

Skagit Flight Shooting Heads are the very ultimate design in Skagit lines for maximum flight time, effortless casting strokes and the tightest and sweetest of loops. The front end has a thick tip that packs a big punch and easily lifts out heavy tips and large flies with supreme ease.



Rio Skagit Fly Line

Casting large, heavy flies and fast sinking tips has traditionally been tough for a spey caster. The advent of Skagit lines and Skagit casting techniques has completely changed this and allows even the most novice of anglers to cast the big stuff typical for the colder months and high water levels.


Rio Skagit Short Head


A short head version of the popular Skagit lines; designed for shorter two handed rods, switch rods and single handed rods between 9 ft and 11 ft in length. The range of line sizes offered are ideal for rods between #5 and #9 in size.



Rio Shooting Line Fly Line

The Powerflex Core shooting lines have a strong monofilament core that results in thin diameters, great strength and durability and a very slick XS Technology coating for ultimate distance. 











Floating Lines, Sink Tips, Glow Lines and OutBound Lines.


Rio Gold Fly Line

The Ultimate Fly Line!  With revolutionary design that allows for incredible loop stability at distance, a unique taper that allows a rod to load at close range and a positive front taper that delivers perfect presentation.  


Trout LT Fly Line

RIO’s latest trout fly line has been designed for the ultimate in performance for traditional trout fly fishing techniques. A long, delicate front taper ensures the softest of presentations, making the line perfect for fishing dry flies.



Rio Grand Fly Line

Fast Action Fly Rods.  The RIO Grand is one half size heavier and features more weight distributed towards the front of the line to easily load fast action fly rods.  


Rio StreamerTip Fly Line

24ft Sink Tip. The Density Compensated 24 ft sink tip lines from RIO are the best in the world.  These lines are unbeatable for trout and all types of anadromous fish. 



Rio Outbound Fly Line

  With a little celestial guidance, RIO has created the OutBound Integrated Shooting Taper. With this line the average freshwater or saltwater caster can launch casts far, far away to the previously unreachable.


Rio Indicator Fly Line

RIO’s new indicator line has been designed for the specific application of casting indicator rigs with ease - whether for trout or steelhead. The thick diameter tip and short front taper easily turns over the largest of indicators.



Rio Gold LumaLux Fly Line

Fish day or night with LumaLux glow in the dark fly line!  Features the Rio SlickShooter Process with a supple, slick, self-lubricating, dirt and abrasion-resistant coating on a multifilament core.  This is the line we use for all of our night time fishing on the Au Sable River.  Ideal the Hex Hatch and late night mousing.



Rio Carp Fly Line

Designed for the carp fly fisher, this weight forward fly line combines a medium length head with a smooth front taper for a subtle presentation. Wary carp will not be spooked by either the presentation, or the camo olive color. The slick XS Technology coating, over a braided multifilament core ensures easy and confident casts.






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