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Sage Fly Rods (ONE, TCX, Xi3, CIRCA, 99, VXP) & Reels

When it comes to fly rods and reels Sage is brand that we use here at Streamside.

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Sage ONE Rod Series

The ONE rod is the first precision casting instrument to take advantage of Sage’s groundbreaking Konnetic™ technology. The ONE offers exceptional tracking with virtually no lateral or torsional movement, resulting in astonishing casting accuracy that is unparalleled in the marketplace.  The inherent strength of Konnetic technology allows ONE rods to have a smaller diameter and are 25% lighter than comparable Sage rods. These attributes combine to provide augmented aerodynamic efficiency. Further innovations are the 70% lighter, low profile ferrules that help direct and carry energy through the rod without sacrificing strength, critical action and feel.

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TCX Series Ultra-Fast Action Rods

TCX rods redefine the extreme distance category and continues to push the outer boundaries of fly rod performance. We created a radical new series of tapers and a fly rod that’s lighter, stronger and more powerful than its predecessor.


Z-Axis Series Fast Action Rods

Sage went back to the drawing board to create the incredible Z-Axis Series Fast Action Rods. By improving the entire rod-building process, created a rod that's significantly lighter, stronger and easier to cast for anglers of all skill levels.




Xi3 Series Fast Action Saltwater Rods

Through Sage's exclusive SaltH2O Technology, Xi3 rods provide a groundbreaking level of torque and torsion resistance for superior tracking and less wasted energy at all distances.


ZXL Series Medium Action Rods

The ZXL rods are significantly lighter, stronger and easier to cast for everyone who enjoys the relaxed casting rhythm of a smooth progressive taper.





6000 Series Fly Reels

Introducing the flagship of Sage's reel lineup and what we believe to be the pinnacle of contemporary fly reel design.


4500 & 4500CF Series Fly Reels

New for 2009.  Based on the award-winning 2500 Series, our new 4500 reels are lighter, stronger and better looking—if we do say so ourselves.




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