Salmon flyfishing pictures from the 2004 season.  July, August, September and October can all be great months!


July 16th  - Kris Walley with a beautiful Atlantic Salmon.  Caught on the St. Marys River in Northern Lake Huron.


July 17th - Here is Kris with another great Atlantic.  July is a great month for streamer fishing on the St. Marys.  Smelt patterns and heavy sink lines.


Aug. 14th - Jared and Alan Martin with a huge Chinook Salmon from the Betsie River.


Aug. 15th - Tom Olenczuk and Andy Spellman with a double on the Betsie River.  Mid August is prime time for those looking for silver river King Salmon.


Aug. 16th - Kelly Neuman with a huge silver Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.


Aug. 16th - Tom Olenczuk with another great Salmon.  Big numbers of fresh salmon are in river now.


Aug. 22nd - Jeff Georgic with bright silver Chinook Salmon on the Betsie River.  Excellent fishing!


Aug. 31st - Dan O'hara with one of many fresh salmon on the Betsie River.


Aug. 31st - Dean Palmer on the Betsie River with a great looking Salmon.


Sept. 1st - Dan Lee in the upper Betsie River with a fresh Salmon.  Lots of hook ups with many fish lost in the logs.


Sept. 3rd - Jim Jameson with great looking salmon on the Betsie River.  Summer weather and good numbers of salmon.


Sept. 3rd - Bob Spens with one of many salmon landed on the Betsie River.


Sept. 4th - Jordon Martin and his Jonathon had a great day on the Betsie River.  Hook and landed a bunch on Salmon. 


Sept. 4th - Jonathon Martin fighting a big Chinook Salmon.


Sept 5th - Brandon and guide Kelly Neuman with fresh King salmon.  Small green caddis was the fly of the day.


Sept. 7th - Dave Petts and Mike Sargent with a double header.  Big numbers of Salmon in the river.


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