Streamer fishing for Chinook & Coho Salmon on the Betsie Lake, Platte River, Platte Bay, Lake Michigan.
September 2006  - Fly fishing the shoreline of Platte Bay right near the mouth of the river has been excellent.  Coho, Chinook and even a few steelhead are being caught.  These fish are very aggressive and will smash streamers.  Deceivers, Fin Clip, Conrad Sculpin and Half & Half have been our best producers of late.  In low light these same patterns with glow in dark Flashabou added to them has really worked well.


Sept 12th - A beautiful King salmon caught streamer fishing in Betsie Lake right near Lake Michigan.  The last few evening this fishing has been excellent!  Been hitting 3 to 6 fish each night this week.  Top flies have been a glow in dark Half & Half (pictured below), black Conrad Sculpin, and our Great Lakes Deceiver in Chart/White.  The new Rio OutBound lines are my new favorites for open water streamer fishing in the Great Lakes.  The 8wt. type 3 sinking line has been working just perfect of late.


Sept. 14th - Tom Olenczuk with a fresh Chinook Salmon that was caught while streamer fly fishing in Betsie Lake right near the mouth of the Betsie River.  Excellent fishing this evening with big numbers of very aggressive salmon - 5 salmon landed and lost a few others.   Tom and Jim fished with me yesterday evening and this morning and 10 Salmon were brought to the net in about 8 hours of fishing!
Sept. 14th - Here one of the big Chinooks making a very long run.  The fight out of these fish, fresh out of Lake Michigan, is very amazing!
Sept. 13th - Here is Tom with another salmon landed today.  Hot fly was a Chartreuse and White Conrad Sculpin.  A slow strip was the key today on the retrieve.  Excellent morning fishing even in bright sun today!
Sept. 13th - Excellent streamer fishing this evening!  We landed 5 big King Salmon and lost a few other in about 3 hours of fishing.
Sept. 13th - Tom and Jim with a Betsie Lake Chinook Salmon.  Jim had the hot rod this evening landing 3 of these big Kings.
Sept. 15th - Chinook Salmon that smashed one of our Great Lakes Deceivers down in Betsie Lake just up from Lake Michigan.  If your looking to streamer fish for these big Kings this is the place and time to go!  For more photos of streamer fishing for Kings go to lake fishing web page report.
Here is a pattern (glow half & half) that has been working in low light or dark conditions for Lake Michigan salmon.
Sept. 11th - Bright silver Coho Salmon on the lower Platte River.  The last few days good numbers of Coho Salmon have been moving into the lower Platte River from Lake Michigan.  These salmon are aggressive and will hit small flashy streamer.  The weir on the lower river has begun to past fish so it won't be long until fish are up near the town of Honor.
Sept. 19th - A fresh run Chinook Salmon on the lower Platte River that smashed a 6" long Fire Tiger Streamer.  Salmon was caught by Chris Johnston and we had excellent fishing landed a number of Chinook and Coho salmon.
Sept. 21st - Here is a Platte River Coho that hit a conehead Lite Bright Minnow and one of the finest reels on the market - Abel Super 6 with a platinum finish.  We are now a Abel dealer for those looking for these fine reels.   The past week around 4,000 Coho were past over the lower weir on the lower Platte River and are on there way upstream toward the town of Honor.  A great place to look for these Coho Salmon now are right around Platte Lake.  This fish will hit streamers as they past through Platte Lake on the there way upstream to spawn.  With the cool weather and rain of late look for more Chinooks and Coho to be moving into the very lower river.

Lake Huron & Lake Michigan brown trout, salmon and smallmouth photos from the 2005 & 2006 season  (click here)


Lake Huron brown trout photos from the 2003 & 2004 season  (click here)


Michigan fly fishing opportunities this season include:

  • Streamer fishing - always good, especially Spring and Fall
  • Hendrickson (late-April/early-May)
  • Brown Drake (late-May/mid-June)
  • Isonychia (mid-June)
  • Hexagenia Limbata (mid-June/early-July)
  • White Fly/Ephron (late-August)
  • Terrestrials - hoppers and ants (mid-July thru mid-September)
  • Salmon (August thru mid-Oct)
  • Steelhead (Oct thru mid-May)

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