Fall Fly Fishing Is Starting In Northern Michigan - Chinooks, Coho, Big Brown Trout, Steelhead and Lake Trout!


September is the kick off of fall fly fishing here in Northern Michigan the way I see it!  September, October, November and December are all great months to fly fish.  September is the month for big runs of Chinook Salmon River!  October is a good variety of Chinooks, Coho, Steelhead and streamer time for big browns on the Au Sable River.  NE or NW Michigan we have it covered for float trips on the Au Sable, Rifle, Betsie, Manistee and Platte river.  Will be mixing in a little river duck hunting also this fall with Abbe on board!  November turns to more streamer fishing for big browns on the Au Sable and is our peak month for fall Steelhead in the lower Au Sable.  Will be very interesting to see if we get our first Atlantic Salmon in the lower Au Sable.  Two years they have been stocked and might start seeing a few!  As fall states to fade it will be time to chase those big Lake Trout on the shoreline of Lake Huron and also look for those big Great Lakes brown trout on the shoreline.  Winter is no time to stop and we will continue our pursuit of guiding anglers to trophy brown trout on the White River in Arkansas in late January and all of February.




All of September and first half of Oct is ideal time Chinook and Coho Salmon in NW Michigan on Betsie, Platte and Manistee Rivers.  Early October is prime time for good runs of Coho.



September and October on the Betsie River.






For those looking for big Brown Trout Fall is the time - October, November and December!  This is Streamer time with big rods, sink tips and big flies.  Typically this is not a numbers game this time of year in the Big Waters of the Au Sable but it is the time of year some the biggest browns of the year are caught.




October is great month to chase some big trout or salmon and do some river duck hunting!  Love those wood ducks and so does Abbe.





October steelhead kicks off on the Manistee River and look for the lower Au Sable to kick into gear in November!




Late season ducking and steelhead fishing all in the same day on the lower Au Sable!




November and December until the shoreline freezes up is a great time to streamer fishing for big Lake Trout and Browns in Lake Huron and Lake Michigan!




Late January and all of February its the time for Arkansas's White River!  Since the Winter of 2009 I have been fishing this awesome river and it is one of finest rivers in the country for true trophy brown trout!  Again this winter I will be offering guided float trips for our 6 week stay from late January thru early March.  This post spawning period is the best time of the year for BIG trout!  For more info click here:  White River




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